WordStream PPC Campaign Builder Overview

The campaign builder allows you to leverage WordStream's trillion-keyword database to build an entire campaign from scratch. The process takes only a couple of minutes and consists of the following steps:

  • Set your campaign topic
  • Choose the relevant ad groups/keywords
  • Configure your campaign and default ad group settings
  • Write text ads

Let's look at each of those steps works.

Set Your Campaign Topic

  • Enter the topic you are interested in researching into the search field (e.g.: Insurance)
  • Select whether you would like to exclude keywords already in your AdWords account and whether you would like to filter out adult keywords from your results.
  • Select the number of keywords you would like suggested in each ad groups from the drop down box (you can always see more later).
  • Click "Next" to see your suggested ad groups/keywords

Choose the Relevant Ad Groups/Keywords

  • View your suggested ad groups and their keywords, including: Estimated monthly search volume on Google, Estimated average cost per click, and Estimated advertiser competition for the keyword (low, medium, high)
  • You can change the number of suggested ad groups or keywords in each ad group using the drop down menus.
  • When you're satisfied, click "Next" to configure your default settings

Configure your Campaign and Default Ad Group Settings

  • Select whether you would like to create a new campaign or if after reviewing the suggested ad groups you would prefer to add them to an existing campaign
  • If you create a new campaign you will be prompted to configure your settings including:
    • Campaign Name – The name of your new campaign
    • Advertising Networks – Your ad can be displayed on Google, Google's
    • Ad Network - Search Network or the Display (formerly Content) Network
    • Daily Budget – How much you are willing to spend on clicks every day
    • Start Date and End Date – When your campaign will be live
    • Language and Location Targeting – Which languages and locations your ads should appear for.
    • Devices – Your ads can appear on computers or mobile devices.
    • Ad Rotation – Whether you want Google to determine which ad is shown or rotate your ads evenly.
    • Delivery Method – Whether you want or adds to display as quickly as possible (until your budget is reached) or spread out though the day
    • Click "Next" to configure your default Ad Group settings
  • Set your Ad Group Default Settings
    • Set your default keyword bid for the advertising networks you are bidding on
    • Click the “Advanced Settings” button to set URL labels or enable custom destination URLs
    • Check the box titled "always skip this step" if you would prefer to skip this step and use your account default bids. This screen will not be shown again until you re-enable it in the settings.
    • Click "Next" to create text ads for your new ad groups

Write Text Ads

  • For each ad group you have created you can create multiple text ads by clicking on the "Create new Ad button" and writing the text of your ad.
  • Once an ad has been created you can:
    • Delete the ad by clicking on the red "x" next to the text ad Clone the text ad by clicking on the two sheets of paper icon next to the text ad
    • Edit the text ad by clicking on the pencil icon next to the text ad and changing the text of the ad.
    • You can also copy text ads from an existing ad group by selecting the campaign and ad group you would like to copy from in the "Copy ads from" drop down box.
    • If you do not want to write text ads at this point you can elect to skip this stepby clicking the "skip" button. You can also elect to never write text ads in the campaign builder by checking the "always skip this step. Do not create text ads" box
    • When you finish click on the "Done Creating Ads" button to add the new campaign and ad groups to your AdWords account.