WordStream Product Documentation - Learn More About WordStream

Below is a list of product documentation modules for the WordStream Explorer. Learn about every facet of the software, from signing in to uploading account changes in this collection of product documentation.

Signing In to WordStream

Get started using WordStream by learning how to sign in to your account.

Importing Keywords and Keyword Lists

This module deals with the uploading of individual keywords and keyword lists into your WordStream account.

Export Keywords from Your Analytics Account

This tutorial will show you how to extract keyword data from your third party, existing Web analytics account for import into WordStream.

Creating Keyword Groups

WordStream offers a series of sophisticated keyword grouping tools. You'll learn how to put those tools to work in this documentation module.

Prioritizing Work Flow

WordStream's PPC management and work flow tools are very intuitive. Learn how to utilize them in this piece of documentation.

Assigning Negative Keywords & Deleting Keywords

This module deals with our software's deletion and filtering tools.

Creating Ad Campaigns

Here you'll learn about WordStream's ad campaign management tab. The tutorial deals with each of the various fields and aspects pertaining to ad campaigns.

Creating Ad Groups

Learn how to transform WordStream Keyword Groups into search advertising Ad Groups.

Authoring and Assigning Ad Text

This module deals with WordStream's ad text editing tools. Learn about text ad creation and optimization here.

Posting Account Changes

This module walks you through the process of uploading all of the changes you've made within WordStream during a session.

Using the WordStream SEO for FireFox Plug-In

Explains in detail how to use the WordStream SEO for FireFox plugin for authoring SEO-friendly content pages.