Data Feeds

Upload, manage, and optimize your Google Shopping data directly within WordStream Advisor for Ecommerce.

WordStream's Data Feeds

Get Your Ducks in a Row

Keeping your feed up-to-date and compliant  can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of an Ecommerce advertiser’s workweek. WordStream’s Data Feeds takes the headache out of uploading, cleaning, and organizing your product data so that you can focus on driving more sales instead of sifting through spreadsheets. 

Automatically update products

Automatically update hundreds of products at once

If you notice errors across multiple products (a blank field, for example), Data Feeds allows you to quickly search your entire product catalog for relevant keywords, then update missing or incorrect fields without wasting time searching line by line.


Don’t get hung up on categorization

As you build your feed from the ground up or import new items, Data Feeds maps your product data to their corresponding fields in Google Merchant Center. By proactively suggesting the correct Product Category or Product Type, it eliminates hours of unproductive analysis.

Play nicely with Google

Ensure your products play nicely with Google

Use Data Feeds’ find and replace functionality to quickly eliminate words from your product descriptions that don’t resonate with shoppers and remove stray characters (double punctuation, stray HTML, etc) that are not supported in Google Shopping.

Optimize Your Product Data (and your workweek)


Data Feeds seamlessly integrates with Google Merchant Center, allowing you to:

  • Edit product titles and descriptions without changing your website content.
  • Create Product Variations for enhanced specificity of shopping ads.
  • Simplify how you manage product options such as size, model, and color.
  • Supplement data to support Merchant Center Promotions and seasonal items.
Optimize Product Data

Solutions for Advertisers of All Sizes

Whether you sell a few dozen products or your catalog’s got commas, Data Feeds can help you manage your Google Shopping workflow more efficiently by automatically fetching new products and inventory updates up to four times a day.

$49 USD/mo

  • 1,000 SKUs included*

  • 1 daily import to Google Merchant Center

  • 1 data feed included

$99 USD/mo

  • 10,000 SKUs included*

  • 4 daily imports to Google Merchant Center

  • 4 data feeds included

*$5 per additional 1000 SKUs

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