Google Ad Manager: Software for Google Ad Management

Google ad management is essential for running successful pay per click campaigns with AdWords. Managing and improving your ads can be complicated and stressful, but WordStream’s Google Ad Manager Software makes it easy.

Google ad manager software can be a great help for your online marketing efforts, enabling you to easily optimize your ad strategies when you advertise on Google and other search engines. WordStream’s Google Ad Manager Software automates the tedious and laborious tasks associated with pay per click marketing, while still leaving you in total control.

What is Google Ad Manager from WordStream?

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WordStream’s Google Ad Preference Manager is sophisticated PPC software that takes you step by step through the AdWords campaign creation and optimization process, guiding you towards AdWords success. The Google ad manager software puts you ahead of the competition by combining keyword research, workflow management, ad creation and campaign analysis in one easy-to-use interface.

Google Ads Preference Manager For AdWords Success

WordStream's Google Ads Preference Manager Software provides the functionality of AdWords, plus additional tools and resources to give your campaigns the boost they need to be successful. Benefits of using the WordStream software includes:

  • Full integration with your AdWords account
  • Ad text tools for easy ad text generation with increased relevance
  • A smart negative keyword suggestion tool for improved Quality Score

Why use WordStream’s Google Ad Manager Software?

WordStream's ad manager for Google software takes the workload off your shoulders while simultaneously providing you with the insight needed to create ads that drive relevant traffic. Using the Google ad manager software ensures that you don’t go into the Google AdWords fray alone- instead you’ll have the best arsenal of WordStream weapons at your disposal.  With WordStream's PPC Ad Manager Software, you can:

  • Maximize your ROI with improved cost per click
  • Achieve high Quality Scores that boost your ad positions
  • Reach relevant audiences that are more likely to convert
  • Experience relevant, qualified traffic with the minimal amount of irrelevant clicks
  • Save money that is often wasted on unqualified traffic and irrelevant keywords
  • Learn more about your customers and adjust your campaigns to better reach them

Google ad campaign management has never been easier. Let WordStream help you manage your Google AdWords ads today by signing up for our free trial!

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