Google AdWords Management: An AdWords Management Guide

In This Google AdWords Guide

Google AdWords is Google's search and contextual ad platform. In this Google AdWords guide, you'll learn:

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So What Is Google AdWords, Anyway?

Google AdWords is Google's program designed to enable advertisers to create ad campaigns on Google properties. This applies to

  • Google's search syndication network
  • The Google content network

This platform features various payment options:

  • AdWords pay-per-click (PPC) - This system causes you to pay for advertising on a cost-per-click basis, paying only when searchers or visitors click on your ads.
  • AdWords pay-per-impression - This model allows you to pay for every thousand impressions (also known as a cost-per-impression or CPM) of your ads. Impressions are the number of times your ads appear on a page searchers or surfers have viewed.
  • AdWords pay-per-action - This model charges you on a cost-per-action basis. This means that every time a click on your ad leads to a conversion on your site (sales, leads, downloads, etc.). Note that Google's pay-per-action beta is ending, and that Conversion Optimizer and their affiliate network is the only way to implement this option.

Google AdWords Management: Optimizing your AdWords Marketing Efforts

Much of creating a successful AdWords campaign can be accomplished by focusing on two key concepts:

  • Relevance - Creating relevant AdWords keyword lists, closely related AdWords keyword groups, relevant ad text, and customized landing pages will ensure that you are directly targeting interested shoppers searching for your offering.
  • Google AdWords Quality Score - Quality Score is an algorithmic grading system that gives you an overall "score" based on how well you do at creating relevant ads. Google offers pricing discounts to advertisers who create relevant, well-structured campaigns (this allows Google to improve the user experience for the searcher).

Of course, achieving a high Google AdWords Quality Score and creating synchronization and relevance within your AdWords accounts isn't easy. There are several factors you'll need to control to effectively create relevant, Quality Score friendly campaigns:

How Google AdWords Tools Can Help You Maximize Your  ROI

WordStream offers a suite of AdWords software tools specifically designed to help you quickly and easily create relevant campaigns that enjoy high Quality Scores. The PPC software does this with a number of specific tools to help make learning AdWords easy.

Keyword Research for Google AdWords

The first step to achieving Google AdWords marketing success is discovering and targeting specific, relevant meta keywords.

Unlike the keyword tool offered by AdWords, WordStream's AdWords Tools not only instantly generates a highly relevant list of keywords with our Keyword Generator, but our keyword tools also automate the process of daily keyword discovery.

AdWords Keywords

WordStream's keyword tools are far more effective than a tool like Google's Keyword Tool because they works directly with your site data instead of relying on generalized search traffic. WordStream also leverages a trillion-keyword database to provide thousands of targeted long-tail keywords.

Grouping Keywords for Google AdWords

Next, having amassed a keyword database, WordStream enables you to manipulate that keyword database quickly and easily by automatically offering you optimal PPC management and workflow suggestions.

AdWords Ad Group

Here we see that WordStream has suggested a series of advantageous keyword groupings. The resulting ad groups will all be closely related (because WordStream creates these groupings semantically) while simultaneously being highly relevant (because the terms have been mined from your own log files and site traffic). This makes it exponentially easier to create targeted ad text and AdWords landing pages.

WordStream software allows you to manage your keywords more effectively and gives you a place for future related keywords. You can create new groups or split large groups into smaller, more targeted clusters at the click of a button.

Google AdWords Ad Text & Landing Pages

The Google AdWords system encourages you to create ads at the ad group level. Additionally, it's generally a best practice to create a landing page for each group you create.

Creating semantically similar groupings is the only way to effectively target your ad to an entire group of keywords. WordStream's ad text tools are actually even more effective for this sort of customized messaging than dynamic keyword insertion.

What our Ad Text Generator does is take the most frequently searched upon terms in your Keyword Group, and suggest those terms to you as you create ad text for a given Ad Group:

AdWords ad text should be specific and should speak directly to your entire Ad Group.

WordStream offers ad text suggestions based on the amount of traffic being sent to this ad group from various keywords.

While it's important to create compelling ads and to test multiple variations of those ads where appropriate, WordStream is suggesting various keywords that provide targeted messaging and Quality Score friendly text for your ad groups.

You can implement these same textual suggestions within your landing page text (with the most important keywords and key phrases becoming headers, less prominent keywords used in body copy, etc.).

Optimize Your Google AdWords Campaign Management

You can try WordStream's tool-set free to get a better idea of how our keyword software can impact your AdWords accounts, and how simple AdWords management can be. 

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