WordStream's Google Keyword Suggestion Tool - Keyword Suggestion within WordStream

New Keyword Suggestion Source: This functionality has been replaced by our own Keyword Suggestion Tool.

Our Google keyword suggestion tool (powered by the Google AdWords API) offers you the same keyword suggestion functionality you'd find in the Google AdWords keyword tool and other traditional keyword tools, integrated with all of the power of WordStream's Keyword Management Tools so that you can not only research keywords, but also analyze and act on the researched data, building on your seed list of keywords to construct a well-organized, dynamic, and personalized keyword database based on both suggestions from Google and your own site's data.

This tutorial will walk you through the extremely simple process of discovering keywords with Google's keyword tool and having them introduced into your WordStream account.

Getting Started with WordStream's Google Keyword Suggestion Tool

To get started with the tool, you first have to navigate to the import keywords wizard. To do this, you simply click import keywords:

The Google keyword suggestion tool offered within WordStream allows you to import keywords.

Once you click import, you'll see the Import Keywords Wizard, where the default option is to use our keyword suggestion tool.

Simply click next to get started:

The Google suggestion tool is only a click away when you enter the import keywords dialog.

The next step is to determine how you'd like your keywords generated:

Google keyword suggest can offer words or phrases, or a URL as a starting point.

  • Descriptive words or phrases - This allows you to type in phrases that have something to do with your website or offering, and generate a list of related keywords.
  • Site URL - This allows you to generate a list of keywords related to the content on a site. For instance, if you haven't been using analytics and can't get a hold of log file data, you might enter your URL; you might also enter a competitor's URL to get an idea of what keywords Google considers their site to be relevant for.

Choose the option that makes the most sense for you, and click next.

We'll work with descriptive words or phrases. We simply type in the word or phrase we'd like to get similar keywords for:

Suggested keywords from the Google tool are offered in response to your query.

As you can see, you can also determine whether the tool also offers you synonyms, as well as selecting a language. When you have the settings you're comfortable with, click next.

NOTE: You may get an error message asking you to enter your AdWords information. This is simply because you need to sync your AdWords account to WordStream; the tool uses the Google API to return suggestions, which costs 20 units per call. If your trial is over and you need to obtain more API keys, please see our PDF on obtaining Google AdWords API Keys or contact your account representative.

Your List of Google Suggested Keywords

You're now presented with a list of keyword suggestions for your review:

The keyword tool offers Google-powerd suggestions, as pictured.

You can import these keywords with their relative volume. This is just the relative popularity (predicted traffic value) offered by Google.

  • Modify Keyword Volume - You can also adjust the relative importance of each keyword within the modify selected relative keyword volume drop down. This can affect one, several, or all of the keywords you're importing. These estimates can be a factor WordStream's keyword grouper and workflow prioritization tools.
  • Delete Keywords - You can also remove unrelated keywords from the list before they are imported.

Once you've reviewed the keyword suggestions for import and confirmed the traffic source as "Keyword Tool Estimates," simply click "add these keyword suggestions".

Lastly, you'll be shown a confirmation dialog. This will just show you which groups your keywords will be added to (WordStream will automatically distrubute these new keywords into keyword groups based on rules you've created).

Trying Out Our Google Keyword Suggestion Tool

If you're not already a WordStream customer, you can try our keyword suggestion tool, as well as our suite of keyword analysis and management tools, absolutely free. Sign up today!