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Google Play: The Android App Store

Google Play is Google’s digital app distribution platform for Android OS, serving as an Android user’s one-stop shop for buying and downloading apps, movies, tv shows, ebooks, magazines, and music.

Purchases made on the Google Play store can be shared and synced across mobile devices, downloaded and stored on the Google cloud. Ebooks that are downloaded from the Google Play store can be opened and read easily with the Google Play reader. Google Play also serves as a virtual storefront for promoting and selling Nexus cellphones, Nexus tablets, and Google laptops, titled “chromebooks,” which are designed exclusive for online use and online applications.

Google Play Store

Google Play Games: Free vs. Paid

Google Play games and other apps are available from the Google app store either free or for a cost. There are many Google Play free games, which often feature AdMob ads. There will often be a free and paid version of the same game, with some users opting to pay a small cost for the ad-free version.

Downloading Google Play Apps and Purchases

Google Play apps purchased from the Google Android apps store can be downloaded directly to an Android phone or a Google TV device via the Google Play Store mobile app, or by sending the app to a selected device from the Google Play website.

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