Learn the Basics

9 Lessons | 1h 58m

Learn the basics of online advertising with our expert team, including lessons on the fundamentals of:

  • Paid search
  • Facebook advertising
  • Google shopping
  • Display advertising
  • Remarketing
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • YouTube ads

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Get More Leads

3 Lessons | 39m

Dive deeper into lead generation with our expert team, through lessons on:

  • Generating leads with Google ads
  • Generating leads with Facebook ads

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Sell More Products Online

3 Lessons | 35m

Learn how to build a cross-platform ecommerce advertising strategy with lessons on:

  • Google ads for ecommerce
  • Facebook and Instagram ads for ecommerce

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Grow My Agency

6 Lessons | 37m

Learn the knowledge and strategies you need to sustainably increase your revenue—month over month, year over year—with lessons on:

  • Building a PPC offering
  • Selecting a pricing structure
  • Winning and retaining business
  • Managing accounts efficiently
  • Hiring new employees

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Growth Academy?

Growth Academy is a comprehensive, interactive, free educational resource to help marketers, small business owners, agency owners, and anyone interested in marketing learn the skills they need to succeed in growing their careers—and their businesses. The platform gives you access to online marketing courses taught by WordStream’s own industry leaders—on your own time, at your own pace. These courses cover everything you need to grow and succeed as a marketer today, from Google Ads to ecommerce marketing to digital marketing agency management, and everything in between.

How much does a Growth Academy course cost?

Nothing! Growth Academy is completely free.

What's the difference between Growth Academy and PPC University?

Growth Academy and PPC University are educational resources created by WordStream, and both resources feature top-quality content created by industry leaders. But PPC U is exclusively focused on—you guessed it—PPC, or pay-per-click, advertising, while Growth Academy covers any number of digital marketing skills. Other key differences? Growth Academy offers on-demand, flexible video lessons, plus assessments to test your knowledge and certifications to celebrate your accomplishments.

What kinds of marketing basics will I learn in Growth Academy?

In a world where specialization gets prioritized, we’re here to tell you that it’s the marketing generalists who often rise farther and faster. That’s why we designed Growth Academy with marketing generalists in mind. Our courses offer deep dives into a broad range of marketing basics—from PPC marketing courses to social media marketing courses to email marketing courses and more. If there’s a particular set of marketing basics you’re looking to learn or a marketing area where you’re trying to get better, rest assured—we’re working on it!

What kinds of digital marketing skills will I develop in Growth Academy?

We designed Growth Academy to help digital marketers learn or improve a broad range of digital marketing skills. These range from how to set up and optimize your Google Ads account, how to layer Facebook demographic audiences, how to set up marketing analytics and create comprehensive digital marketing reports, and much more. Whatever the digital marketing skill you’re looking to develop, whatever training you’re looking for—Facebook ad training, Google ad training, YouTube training—you’ll find it in Growth Academy.

What do I do if I get locked out of my Growth Academy account?

The login screen for Growth Academy has a “Forgot Password?” option. Click that link, fill in your email address, and then reset your password to get back into your account and continue those courses.

I didn't pass an assessment, but I'd like to keep learning and working on my course certification. Can I take it again?

Yes! You can retake assessments for Growth Academy courses as many times as you want. So whether you didn’t pass or you think you can get a better score, feel free to retake.

Do I have to take Growth Academy courses in order?

No way! Growth Academy offers flexible, on-demand learning—that means you can prioritize the content that you need most. If you’re a Facebook ads pro looking to improve your Google Shopping accounts? Go straight to those lessons. Need your new hire to learn about conversion rate optimization fast? Direct them to that section. Remember, you can skip ahead to any course, to any lesson at any time.

The only caveat? To qualify for a certification for a Growth Academy course, you do need to complete all the lessons in that course before passing the assessment.

How often is Growth Academy updated?

We’re working on updating Growth Academy regularly to not only make sure that courses contain the most up-to-date information, but also to make sure that the platform includes the most relevant digital marketing basics.

Does Growth Academy offer a digital marketing certification?

Absolutely! Digital marketing certifications are a great way to demonstrate expertise in our industry. A digital marketing certification on your LinkedIn page, on your resume, or on a job application shows that you’re equipped with the skills to take on and complete quality work in a given marketing discipline. The Growth Academy digital marketing certification, which you’ll receive at the end of the course, signals to industry professionals that you’ve not only learned marketing basics, but mastered the fundamentals of digital marketing you need to succeed. The Growth Academy certification is one of the best digital marketing certifications you can earn.

I'm training my team. Should we share one Growth Academy account?

Growth Academy is designed for marketers at any level, and all Growth Academy accounts are completely free. We suggest each individual create an account to take full advantage of the flexible, on-demand learning.

Who are the digital marketing trainers I will be learning from?

The digital marketing trainers responsible for creating the course content within Growth Academy are some of the most respected thought leaders in the industry. Growth Academy courses are created by WordStream, a company that’s educated millions of marketers with its award-winning, industry-leading content. That means the people who plan, write, and teach Growth Academy lessons are digital marketing and advertising professionals with years of experience teaching digital marketing skills to audiences of all kinds. Many of them have shared their expertise at top industry events or leading marketing publications, where they’ve taught business owners and marketers the skills necessary to take their paid and organic marketing campaigns to the next level. Whatever lesson you’re taking within Growth Academy, you can rest assured that it’s being taught by one of the most qualified digital marketing trainers in the game.

Does Growth Academy qualify as a complete digital marketing course?

Absolutely. We’ve designed Growth Academy for digital marketers and advertisers of any skill level—the new marketing associate to the agency YouTube specialist to the in-house SEO to the moonlighting business owner. We’re not spreading the learning thin, though. Growth Academy is not only a complete digital marketing course in that it offers training on a wide variety of digital marketing skills, but it also digs deep into each one of those skills and disciplines. So whether you’re looking to learn an overview of digital marketing basics or go from intermediate to advanced in a particular discipline, Growth Academy gives you the tools to do just that.