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Get More Conversions
September 11th, 2018

Picture a faucet with a steady stream of water coming out. The water is pouring into a bucket, but the bucket is full of holes. Some of the water makes it into the bucket, but most of it is leaking through the holes, so you can never fill up the bucket. Now imagine the water is leads, and the faucet is PPC.

PPC will turn on that traffic and get those leads flowing down the pipeline, but...

September 6th, 2018

I was blind, and now I can see!

That’s the kind of response I’m hoping to get from you once you’re done reading this article.

Ok, it may not be quite as dramatic as that, but there’s a good chance that the three tools I will be discussing today are going to make managing your Google Ads campaigns much, much easier, improving your results along the way.

Let’s begin...

August 15th, 2018

Here’s a question I hear all the time:

I’ve been using AdWords/Google Ads for some time now, and my campaigns are doing great. But how can I get more bang for my buck, and have more fun managing my campaigns?

Well, young Padawan, the answer lies in one word: scripts!

For the uninitiated, scripts are basically pieces of code that help you automate certain Google...

guide to international search engine optimization
July 26th, 2018

If your business sells products internationally, it’s likely that you have a website – and it’s likely that you want that website to work in all of your target markets. Unfortunately, this is where some businesses fall short: international SEO can be seen as quite complex and can be a source of much frustration for many companies.

My aim is to demystify the topic and help to clarify...

social listening stats
July 20th, 2018

Sometimes it feels like social listening is a sacred knowledge available only to a few chosen brands – that’s how little we hear of companies using it. Of course, in reality, social listening is quite the opposite of a secret: it’s used by many, but, here’s the deal: it’s not used to its full potential.

Let’s start from the beginning in case you know absolutely nothing of this social...