Importing AdWords Campaigns Into AdWords Editor - Importing Keywords with WordStream

Importing AdWords campaigns with AdWords editor is a fairly simple process.

This tutorial will deal with importing keywords to your Google AdWords account that have been exported by your WordStream account (see the tutorial linked to there for more information on exporting keywords with WordStream).

Getting Started: Download AdWords Editor

AdWords Editor is a free, downloadable application. To continually do bulk imports using the WordStream data, first download the software here:

Step Two: Get Your WordStream Account Data

The first step is obviously to get a hold of your WordStream data. Again, check out the export process tutorial for more info on doing that. Once you've finished your export, you'll have four text files:

AWE (AdWords Editor) export is a simple process, the output of which is illustrated here.

From here, you begin the process of importing AdWords account data into your AdWords account.

Step Three: Importing Your AdWords Data

Next, you'll start to import the four files. Open AdWords Editor and link your account if necessary. Highlight the account in the left hand grid:

Importing AdWords campaigns starts with the highlighting of your account, as pictured.

Next, highlight the Ad Groups tab, and click the Add/Update Multiple Keyword Groups button:

Importing Ad Groups can be done with the click of a button.

Next, you'll be shown a blank field where you can paste your campaign data. First you'll want to make sure that you have selected All Campaigns from the drop down dialog:

Import all campaigns with AdWords Editor.

Finally, simply copy the information in the AdGroups.txt file and paste it into the empty field in AdWords Editor:

Import AdWords Ad Groups by copy/pasting your WordStream data.

You would then also want to repeat this process for each of the four files you were able to export:

Importing accounts for AdWords requires you to upload four files via AdWords Editor.

That's it! Once you've been sure to import the following files:

  • AdGroups.txt
  • Keywords.txt
  • Negatives.txt
  • AdText.txt

You'll have all of your WordStream data imported.

Importing AdWords Changes Regularly

You can continually update your AdWords account by exporting your data from WordStream regularly, which will lower your API costs overall. To learn more about how to utilize the software for your paid and natural search efforts, take a look at the other tutorials in our WordStream User Guide.