Importing AdWords Campaigns into Microsoft (MSN) adCenter

WordStream allows you to build out highly effective PPC campaigns, and offers direct API integration with Google AdWords. Additionally, the software has an export feature that allows you to take your WordStream data anywhere!

WordStream provides users with an adCenter-ready, custom-formatted version of your paid search campaigns. This means that you can take your well-optimized WordStream campaigns, and expose them to more impressions and clicks (generating even more profits for you and your business!).

This tutorial will show you how to import campaigns into adCenter.

Exporting Your PPC Account, Campaigns, or Keywords with WordStream

First, export your WordStream account in AdWords formatting. You can learn how to do that in our export AdWords campaigns tutorial and combine it into a single file for import.

Importing Your Campaigns to Microsoft adCenter

To import your campaign to MSN adCenter, you first click import campaigns:

Importing adCenter campaigns is a simple process, and starts with a click.

Next, you'll be able to attach your exported AdWords campaign. Click the elipsis (...) to upload your file:

Importing AdWords campaigns to adCenter ends with a click!

That's it! Your campaign's been imported!

Now, you just need to move your campaigns out of draft mode. To do this, simply navigate to the campaign tab, select all columns, and click submit in the navigation bar directly above your campaigns.

You may also want to download the Microsoft adCenter desktop beta.

Import Your Keywords More Places than Just MSN adCenter

You might also want to take advantage of our importing keywords to Yahoo! Search Marketing tutorial, or have a look at any of our WordStream user guides.