WordStream Helps New Agency Indulge in PPC Advertising

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About Indulge Media

Founded in 2009, Indulge Media provides a wide range of web-based design, development and marketing services including web design and maintenance, social media marketing, search engine optimization and web application development. The company’s services are aimed to help clients make the most of their web presence through two main verticals, web design and development and digital marketing, which includes pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. 

Background and Goals

Indulge Media is a pay-per-click agency that offers setup and management of PPC advertising as part of its digital marketing services. When the agency was first established in 2009, the team gained experience with PPC for their smaller accounts through leveraging the available Google tools. However, as they reached the cusp of taking on new and larger clients only several months later, the agency required more sophisticated tools that could help them more efficiently build and manage their growing portfolio of accounts.   

Directors Patrick Cunningham and Russell Isabelle learned about WordStream's JumpStart program – a 60-day, hands-on training program that helps agencies and businesses quickly gain experience in optimizing their PPC marketing efforts. This is accomplished through a series of hour-long sessions with a dedicated account manager from WordStream, who demonstrates how to properly set up an AdWords campaign and the manage it in-house on an ongoing basis. 

Since Cunningham’s goals were to build and expand Indulge Media’s PPC offering as a core piece of their digital marketing services, they turned to WordStream to help make that possible.


Trying to build a business in the middle of a recession has inherent challenges. It’s important to stand out from the crowd by providing exceptional service in order to win business among extreme competition. Many online marketing agencies promise to deliver optimal PPC results but leave the client feeling less than satisfied. In order to build up a successful PPC offering, the Indulge Media team needed to quickly ramp up on AdWords best practices, ensuring that the proper structure was built into the creation of their campaigns from inception. This way, they wouldn’t have to continually reinvent the wheel or spend time fixing any potential mistakes and risk their reputation of offering “best-in-class client experience.”

The agency also wanted the ability to add new and larger clients to their portfolio. Based on current resources leveraging only Google AdWords tools, the process was still extremely manual and took up time that could be better-spent managing client relationships and prospecting for new clients.

The WordStream Solution: JumpStart to PPC Success

Within a few short months of starting the business, Cunningham and Isabelle signed on with WordStream’s JumpStart program. Indulge Media was provided with a dedicated account manager, Robert Stanley, who demonstrated in "baby steps" how to set up an effective PPC campaign to get expert-level results with minimal time and cost investment. Stanley led Indulge Media’s team of consultants through the process of discovering how visitors are finding their clients’ websites and how to mine that data for the most profitable keywords. Additionally, they were given active training on how to effectively organize, manage, and build on their clients’ keywords in order to build, optimize, and grow their PPC campaigns. By the end of the program, the team would be ready to add new clients with ease. 

According to Cunningham, “Our JumpStart sessions were instrumental in allowing us not only to understand how to use the WordStream tools, but also to gain an expert level of understanding in PPC advertising. We were then able to leverage that knowledge and subsequently walk our clients through their campaign reports. Our ability to effectively speak to the changes and actionable intelligence of each campaign gave our clients confidence in our ability to make their PPC advertising efforts a success.”

Keywords Based on Proprietary Data for Each Client

One of the largest contributors to Indulge Media’s success was the ability to use the WordStream keyword discovery tools to mine for keywords specific to each client’s website and automatically filter them into relevant keyword groups. The WordStream tools also provided and sorted ongoing keyword suggestions every day, helping the Indulge Media team to uncover new keywords and spend less time organizing them into tightly related keyword groups.

“I was impressed by the way WordStream captured keywords, based on proprietary data mined from each client’s website. We saw a huge increase in the number of keywords added to our accounts, with new keywords being suggested on a daily basis. That would have taken us a great deal of effort using only the Google tools and Excel.”

The WordStream software also helped Indulge Media filter keywords into relevant ad groups, increasing Quality Scores as they continually fine-tuned large, generic groupings into tightly knit ad groups. 

The keywords were also highly specific, focusing on the longer tail of search. Long-tail keywords (or less popular, less searched on keyword variations) actually represent more search volume, in aggregate, than more popular keywords. Being able to research, group, and manage all those keywords is a difficult, if not impossible, task for an agency to effectively accomplish across all clients. However, the ability to take advantage of the long tail can be the factor that differentiates one agency from the next. 

As Stanley explained, “Long-tail keywords are generally very specific. This can be a real advantage in search marketing, because often more specific, niche key phrases reflect higher buying intent.”

In the case of Indulge Media, the constant stream of long-tail keywords, based on real data from prospects visiting clients’ sites, reduced the cost of bids while maintaining a consistent level of conversions for their PPC clients. Bids were less costly because long-tail keywords face less competition than general (or head) keywords, and conversions were more frequent because such keywords have tighter relevancy to the products or services offered by each client. 

Streamlining the Account Structure Process

One important aspect for agencies working with PPC is the ability to manage client accounts with a consistent philosophy. With multiple team members potentially servicing each account – due to turnover, changing account assignments or multiple account managers – there is the impending risk that the successor will restructure an AdWords campaign due to philosophical differences. WordStream ensures that only one account structure is created the right way, so there can be no philosophical differences affecting the performance of the account. In addition, everyone leveraging the tools is automatically implementing PPC best practices, which works as an equalizer across account managers with varying levels of expertise.

Because Indulge Media started working with WordStream early on in the development of their business, they were able to create their campaigns based on built-in best practices from the start. The solid foundation of their initial structure ensured that the team didn’t have to worry about mismanaged accounts or having to set up accounts in Google with limited structure and guidance. 


Within the first 90 days of using WordStream, Indulge Media was able to access thousands of keyword opportunities that were then prioritized based on whether they were driving traffic and/or converting leads. According to Isabelle, “We’ve been able to grow our database of keywords to over 50,000 and lower our average cost per click by increasing the number of long-tail keywords we’re able to use.”

The pay-per-click agency was also able to create over 200 ad groups very quickly because of the way WordStream offers keyword group suggestions as part of the organization tools. The tools allowed the team to take a large database of keywords and almost automatically segment the top producing keywords into specific and related “buckets.”  

According to Stanley, “WordStream automates the most time-consuming parts of PPC, which are identifying new keywords and then grouping and segmenting them. The PPC tools almost automatically created relevant ad groups instead of spending valuable time trying to accomplish the same results manually in Excel.”

Indulge Media was able to see an increase in number of conversions almost immediately, as well as a reduction in the cost of their bids. By the close of 60 days, they were able to confidently take over the WordStream account and add new clients to their portfolio by leveraging the WordStream tools. 

Cunningham concluded, “WordStream’s JumpStart program made it possible for us to build out our PPC offering and successfully grow our digital marketing client base.”