Discovering Keywords in Foreign Languages

Discovering keywords in different languages is crucial for anyone who conducts a wide-reaching business. Even if your website only applies to people in the continental United States and Canada, neglecting search campaigns in Spanish and French means neglecting potential customers. Not only that, Google AdWords is the most competitive in English, so you may be impressed at low bid amounts and high ad position in other languages.

WordStream’s Keyword Discovery tool works in all languages, even ones with foreign alphabets. As you sleep, it adds new keywords that users have entered to find your website. You don't even have to speak the language!

how does wordstream find foreign keywords

WordStream's JavaScript and Keyword Discovery Tool record search queries of anyone that finds your website through a search, and adds any new keywords to your WordStream account. For international companies with websites in multiple languages, this is still the case. As keywords continue to come in, the software will even suggest segmenting languages separately because of the words' relevance to each other, even though you may not know the language.

Keyword discovery and the query bar work in all languages and alphabets.

GenoPro, the world's leading provider of genogram software, called out this feature specifically as one of their favorite aspects of WordStream. IT Director, Jean Claude Morin, wrote, "WordStream is helpful in finding foreign language keywords. GenoPro is available in 26 languages and the website is translated into various languages. Thus, the WordStream tool is constantly finding, associating and adding new advertising keywords in those foreign languages. On a technical note, WordStream handles well foreign alphabets, something important when dealing with a multi-lingual customer base." Read their whole story about how WordStream helped them to discover the roots of SEM inefficiencies.

The best keyword discovery tool in any language

Search engine campaigns in different languages are crucial for anyone looking to attract new visitors. By logging and categorizing any keywords that result in a visit to your website, WordStream is constantly updating your account with new, relevant keywords. The keyword finder works in any language, even ones with foreign alphabets, as does relevance score and suggested keyword segmentations for the best optimization. Try the Free Trial and tap into unknown markets for your business!