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Keyword generators are tools that provide keyword suggestions for paid and organic search marketing campaigns. Basing your search marketing campaigns on brainstorming and guesswork is a sure way to sabotage your results, so a keyword generator tool should be a big part of your keyword research strategy for PPC and SEO.

WordStream's industry-leading website keyword tools deliver fast, accurate popular keywords and long-tail search queries that you can use to bring targeted, cost-effective traffic to your site.

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The Free Keyword Suggestion Tool

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WordStream's free keyword generator tool is faster, more accurate and returns thousands more keywords than other popular keyword generators.

Keyword Suggestion Tool

As an added bonus, our keyword tool is completely free to use up to 10 times up-front and then once per day, every day.

We're able to offer better, more accurate keyword results because we constantly update a database with more than 1 trillion search queries from diverse sources.

The Power of an Exclusive Keyword Generator

The problem with relying on free keyword generators to inform all your search marketing efforts is that you're sharing the same data with everyone else in your market. How are you supposed to gain on your competitors when you're using the same keywords?

Although we offer several free keyword tools, most businesses need a more robust solution for ongoing keyword research and expansion. Our Keyword Research Suite is a set of tools designed to empower search marketers with exclusive keyword opportunities and more depth of data. The Keyword Research Suite offers several key benefits:

  • Exclusive Keyword Research - The Keyword Research Suite gives you deep access to WordStream's industry-leading, trillion-keyword database. This gives you the competitive edge of knowing your keywords are more extensive and accurate.
  • Keyword Data You Can Act On - Instead of just a list of keywords, our tools give your structured, actionable data, ready to use in search marketing campaigns. You'll be able to organize and put into action insights surrounding your keywords and search queries.
  • Keywords When You Need Them - Don't be held back by the limits of web-based keyword research tools. The Keyword Research Suite is a robust toolset designed for full-time search marketers and business owners, and offers virtually unlimited access to our huge keyword database.

By subscribing to the Keyword Research Suite, you'll get access to:

  • A Keyword Suggestion Tool - Our super-fast, super-accurate keyword discovery tool is the best on the market.
  • A Keyword Niche Finder - The Keyword Niche Finder returns structured, organized suggestions. When your keywords are pre-grouped into related clusters, it's easy to put them to use on your site or other campaigns.
  • A Keyword Grouper - Already have a list of keywords? Just drop them into the Keyword Grouper and they'll be automatically and instantly organized.

Unlike other keyword generators, the WordStream solution provides:

  • Long-Tail Keyword Generator: WordStream's long-tail keyword tool delivers 25% more highly specific, targeted keywords for use in competitive industries, affiliate marketing and other applications.
  • Negative PPC Keyword Generator: Our keyword generator suggests negative keywords that give you tighter control over budget, so your PPC campaigns can achieve higher ROI.
  • Content Creation ToolsWordStream SEO for Firefox is a plug-in that gives you quick and easy access to our keyword generator tools from within your content management system or blog, so you can write keyword-rich, optimized blog posts and web pages with ease.

Try WordStream's Keyword Generator

WordStream is the only keyword generator on the market that offers all this. Take it for a test drive!

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Once you've organized the keywords in your PPC account, see how you stack up against the competition with Wordstream's revolutionary new tool, the AdWords Performance Grader. This one-of-a-kind tool helps you evaluate how your AdWords campaigns are performing on several key criteria such as:

This sophisticated tool allows you to compare your Performance Grader score with competitors in similar spend brackets, giving you a sense as to where you fit into the competitive landscape.

The AdWords Performance Grader has been designed by PPC experts to show you where your campaign is struggling and how to make adjustments that will improve your performance and increase your ROI. It’s an advanced in-depth analysis, and it’s absolutely free!