The Best Way to Group Keywords for PPC and SEO

The best way to group keywords used to involve spending countless hours tinkering with a spreadsheet, hunting for related keywords and hoping that the data you found was accurate.

With WordStream’s keyword management solution, that method has been left in the dust. WordStream software helps you through the most time-consuming parts of keyword grouping and organization, so you can create keyword groups faster, easier and better.

Read on to find out why WordStream's keyword tools are the best way to group keywords for PPC campaigns (as well as organic SEO).

The Best Way to Group Keywords for PPC and SEO

During your keyword grouping and organization process, you want to find the best way to group your keywords to accomplish the following goals:

These factors will allow you to save on PPC spending and improve your rankings. How can you accomplish all of these goals without falling prey to disorganization, data overload or human error? You need a keyword segmentation and management solution.

By grouping keywords semantically into tightly related clusters or keyword group themes, you go beyond a keyword list to build a keyword taxonomy. (We’ll see in a moment how WordStream facilitates this process.) Building your keyword groups in a hierarchy helps in both your PPC and SEO efforts. With PPC, you’re able to turn these groups into successful ad groups, so you can write targeted, relevant ads. With SEO, you’re structuring and prioritizing your Web content.

The best way to group keywords also involves maintenance—continuing to filter keywords and build out your hierarchy to more specific levels. As search engines pick up on your high CTRs and relevance as a result of closely knit keyword groups, you’re rewarded with a boost in Quality Score, which impacts your rankings and reduces your costs.

Using the Best Keyword Grouping Tool Possible

These best practices for keyword grouping are very difficult to accomplish with the traditional spreadsheet method. Manually hunting through thousands, even hundreds of thousands of keywords to find the most relevant and closely related terms takes more hours than you have.

This is why it’s so important to choose the best keyword grouping tool available, so you can leverage the potential of your data. WordStream’s keyword management solution contains built-in keyword grouping capabilities that help you quickly segment a very large database into manageable keyword groups and subgroups.

Create keyword groups quickly and easily with WordStream's keyword segmenter

The groups you create are structured in a hierarchy, and when you add new keywords to your database, WordStream filters them into their appropriate groups automatically.

Keyword groups are placed in a hierarchy automatically with WordStream's keyword grouping functionality

As you continue the process of segmenting and filtering your keywords, you reap the benefits of a more in-depth hierarchy of long-tail terms over time. When it comes to the success of your search marketing campaigns, you can’t afford not to find the best keyword grouping tool to help you.

The Best Way to Group Keywords for Ad Groups

We know that specific, organized keyword groups make for excellent ad groups when it comes time to implement your PPC campaign. So how do we get from keyword group to ad group?

WordStream is the best way to group keywords for ad groups because it only takes one click! WordStream's interface makes it easy for you to turn your keyword groups into ad groups.

Create an ad group with one click using WordStream's keyword management software.

WordStream integrates directly with your Google AdWords account, so you’re able to group your keywords and execute your PPC campaign simultaneously.

Follow Keyword Group Best Practices With WordStream

The best way to group keywords for SEM saves you time and provides increased relevance and cost savings.

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