Keyword Grouper Tool Documentation

WordStream's Keyword Grouper Tool allows you to quickly organize large lists of keywords using WordStream's proprietary grouping algorithms. Grouping and organizing your keywords can reveal insights into how people are searching for your website, and help you be more targeted in your ad creation efforts.

To use WordStream's proprietary algorithms to group your list of keywords follow these steps:

  • Paste a list of keywords into the input box. (The software can handle thousands of keywords but your browser often runs into problems pasting in exceedingly large quantities of data so please bear with us).
  • To help inform WordStream's grouping algorithms work even better, you can also optionally include a keyword frequency count on the same line, separated by a comma or tab.
  • Select whether you would like to exclude keywords already in your AdWords account.
  • Click "Get Groupings"

WordStream will analyze your data and output groups of keywords from your original list. These lists appear in the left hand box titled "Ad Group Suggestions" and clicking on a suggested group will cause the keywords in the group to appear in right-hand box. Keywords that couldn’t be reasonably categorized into a keyword group won’t be displayed on the output page.

You can select all of the keywords within each group, or pick and choose depending on what is most relevant to your business.

After you've reviewed your suggested groups and selected the keywords that you want you can:

  • Create new ad groups
  • Export the groups if you want to save your work for later or use it in Excel

To start over, click the reset button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Tip: A great source of keyword lists are your own Web analytics data, which you can easily export to a file. This data can then be organized using the keyword grouper tool.