Keyword Grouping and Organization - A More Efficient Way to Control Data

Keyword grouping and organization is a topic that many PPC managers struggle with each day. How do you create effective keyword groups and stay organized when working with a complicated and ever-growing spreadsheet?Prior to WordStream’s keyword management solution, keyword grouping and organization techniques were left up to PPC managers to figure out, typically involving keeping a separate spreadsheet that required constant updating.As you can guess, these methods are ineffective and inefficient. It may seem easier to skip keyword grouping altogether when you don't have the proper tools to help you. As you'll soon learn, keyword grouping and organization is crucial to your campaign and you can't afford to ignore it. Luckily, WordStream has the tools to help you. Find out more about the importance of keyword grouping and organization and how WordStream can help.The Dangers of Poor Keyword Grouping and OrganizationWhen you don’t group your keywords semantically, you forfeit control over your data. As with any file system, it’s ideal to know what you have stored where, making it easy to retrieve and work with your files at any time. The same applies to keywords. Leaving your keywords unordered in a spreadsheet is the same as leaving paperwork piling on your desk. Eventually, your most useful keywords get buried amidst your other data until it’s impossible to find them when you need them. Unfortunately, this leads many search marketers to abandon their attempts at keyword grouping and organization completely.In addition to creating disarray for your keyword research, poor keyword grouping and organization limits your PPC success. The best way to group your keywords enables you to:

  • Create high-performing ad groups that draw more qualified traffic.
  • Write landing page copy and ad text that aligns with the keywords in your groups.
  • Improve your Google AdWords Quality Score.
  • Drive your ad costs down (with higher Quality Score and click through rates, you pay less for better rankings).

WordStream’s Keyword Grouping and Organization SolutionWith WordStream, your most qualified keywords don’t slip through the cracks. WordStream’s keyword grouping capabilities make it easy for you to see which keywords go together, and you can group them in just a few clicks.Step 1: Segmenting your keywords with WordStream’s workflow tools.By using WordStream’s keyword segmenter, you’re given a list of suggestions for how to break down your keyword list into sections.You can select several keywords at once if you’d like to create multiple groups simultaneously.Step 2: Creating Your Keyword GroupsWhen you’ve selected the keywords you'd like to filter into groups, simply click “create”.Your keywords will be organized into the segmentation(s) you’ve selected, displayed in a hierarchy in the keyword pane on WordStream’s dashboard.Start Bringing Organization To Your Keyword Grouping with WordStreamYou’ve seen how simple it can be to create and organize keyword groups with WordStream. Get started on turning your mass of keywords into an organized system with WordStream today.