Keyword Grouping Software - Managing Keywords to Reach Your Customers

Keyword grouping software could mean the difference between success and failure in your pay per click campaign. In addition to simplifying the overwhelming task of organizing your keywords, keyword grouping software actually helps you see more clearly into what your customers are looking for, so you can make better decisions about your ad spend, marketing approach, even your website’s content.

WordStream's keyword management solution provides a robust suite of capabilities that take semantic keyword grouping software to a whole new level. Find out how WordStream’s keyword grouping software can bring your campaign from a massive, untamed spreadsheet to an organized interface that maximizes your relevance, productivity, and most importantly, ROI.

Using Keyword Grouping Software To Organize Keywords

Think of this scenario: You’re building your keyword list over time and want to maximize the amount of qualified visitors you can reach with your ad campaign. As you find time, you go into your spreadsheet and import the latest keyword data, sort through your previous data and try to make sense of everything in order to make decisions on your ad campaigns. Questions you may need to keep in mind are:

  • Which keywords performed the best today?
  • Are these keywords really relevant to my audience?
  • Will my visitors be interested in this particular keyword?
  • How do I adjust bids for these 5, 10, 1,000 ads?

Before you know it, your day has slipped away and you’ve made decisions based on loose keyword data and hope as opposed to real results.

Using keyword grouping software eliminates much of this uncertainty, because it places your previously unwieldy list of keywords into an organized hierarchy. From here, you can see how your keywords relate to one another, so you'll know where to filter new keywords, which keywords to eliminate, and how to move forward with your content.

Creating Ad Groups With Keyword Grouping Software

In addition to helping you stay organized, using WordStream for your keyword grouping software means that creating ad groups is just a few clicks away. You may not realize that by creating keyword groups, you’re also creating your ad groups.

When it comes time to run your ad campaign in Google AdWords, there’s no guesswork. Simply select the keyword group you’d like to focus on from your WordStream keyword group tree, and right-click to convert it into an ad group.

Create ad groups with just one click using WordStream's keyword grouping software.

Then, you can tab over to your AdWords account right from WordStream’s interface and continue setting up your campaign. No switching between programs. Just one central hub for you and your team to work in together that embodies all of WordStream’s capabilities with the details of your Google AdWords account.

How Avoiding Keyword Grouping Software Could Cost You Your Campaign

When you forfeit the ability to group your keywords, you forfeit the ability to expand your campaign beyond the limits of your attention span and time. Even with a team of search marketers working with you, you can never hope to expand your keyword list into the millions and expect to be able to manage them all consistently and continuously.

If you don't use a keyword grouping tool, you’re not allowing your search marketing team to grow and get the best results for yourself or your customers.

Without keyword grouping software, you’re on your own and you’ll end up:

  • Sacrificing Quality Score: Poorly organized ad groups are a no-no in Google.
  • Lowering your CTR: Basing your ad text on scattered, unreliable data hurts your relevance and reduces PPC click-through rate.
  • Losing Money: Bidding on keywords that may not apply to you or your customers will squander your campaign budget.
  • Missing Opportunities: Other tools don't provide continuous long-tail keyword suggestions and the power to keep them organized.

Keyword grouping software gives you the ability to turn a very large keyword list into a manageable plan of attack, helping you to avoid these pitfalls.

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