Keyword Groups - How To Group Keywords For PPC

Keyword groups are a vital component of a successful search marketing plan. By grouping keywords effectively, you increase relevance and improve pay-per-click ROI by:

High relevance and Quality Scores are crucial for cost-effective PPC campaigns. The ability to quickly and continuously create and refine keyword groupings goes a long way toward improving your PPC results.

With WordStream, creating keyword groups is easy. From ongoing, data-driven keyword discovery to full integration with Google AdWords, the WordStream keyword management solution helps you make the best use of your keyword data, without getting bogged down in tedious manual processes.

Let’s take a closer look at the important benefits of creating keyword groups and how to group keywords with WordStream.

How Keyword Groups Impact Quality Score and Search Engine Rankings

When you create keyword groups, of course you're keeping your data organized, but what you may not realize is that having close-knit keyword groups segmented by relevance is really crucial to the success of your search campaign.

When you build your PPC ad groups around targeted, specific keyword groups, you're showing search engines that you're prepared to target a specific audience. Clustering similar keywords together allows you to advertise with much higher relevance to searchers, and in turn, you enjoy a higher click-through rate, which improves your Quality Score.

As your Quality Score increases, your PPC costs decrease, allowing you to save money while achieving better results, and the cycle of improved pricing and positioning continues over time!

The Importance of Keyword Groups for SEO

Creating targeted keyword groups isn't just good for paid search marketing; keyword groups benefit your natural search efforts as well. SEO and PPC share the spotlight in helping you drive traffic and reach your customers, and with WordStream, segmenting your keywords into groups helps on both accounts.

WordStream's workflow tools help facilitate this process. The Workflow tab offers a prioritized list of action items to take on your keyword groups, such as further segmenting a keyword group or cleansing a keyword group of negative keywords with the negative keyword tool.

Use WordStream's workflow tools to facilitate the PPC process and help you stay organized and in control of your data,

Having your keywords grouped and organized gives you a keyword taxonomy to work from when it's time to structure your website's content. WordStream provides you with detailed relevance, traffic and conversion data, making workflow prioritization much easier than if you had to start from scratch with keyword analysis.

This approach gives you a clear idea of where you need to focus your attention when creating SEO-friendly site content. In addition, you can easily associate the landing pages that you create with your keyword groups in WordStream's interface, so your whole team can keep track of what's been done and what areas still need work.

How to Group Keywords with WordStream

Creating keyword groups in WordStream takes only seconds. After you've imported keywords from our keyword tool or your site's traffic logs, it's time to start grouping and organizing your keywords so you can use them in your search marketing campaigns.

Import keywords using WordStream's 'Import Keywords Wizard' and get started on grouping your keywords.

Just click on a keyword in your database to see related terms. Clicking the "Segment Keyword Group" button opens WordStream's keyword segmenter, which provides suggestions for groups to create based on frequency and traffic data.

From here, you can create one or several keywords groups with one click.

Create multiple keyword groups simultaneously with WordStream's keyword segmenter tool.

Immediately after you've created your new groups, they show up in the hierarchy of your keyword list. The more you continue to segment, the deeper the levels of your hierarchy, and the more specific and targeted your groups become, further improving your PPC and SEO campaigns.

Try WordStream’s Keyword Group Functionality Today

You've learned how important it is to group your keywords, and you've seen how easy it is to group and organize your keywords with WordStream. Sign up for a free demo of WordStream's software from one of our in-house experts, or view an online demo, and see in real time how easy it can be to group your PPC keywords!