Keyword Lists: Starting From Scratch

To generate a keyword list, WordStream's Keyword Discovery Tool examines your website's log history and populates your WordStream account with keywords people searched with to land on your site. While this is the best way to find keywords for almost any website, it doesn't perfectly serve those who are about to launch or have just launched their website. If this is the case for you, simply follow the steps below to get started.

What if I Want to Promote a Just-Launched Website With a Search Campaign?

Depending on the age of your website, you may or may not have enough keywords from your history to start promoting your new website with a PPC campaign. If you want more keywords, you can use our embedded version of Google's Keyword Tool. Just click the "Import Keywords" button to load the Import Keywords Wizard. Select the first option to use WordStream's Keyword Suggestion Tool.

Import a keyword list with our keyword suggestion tool

This tool functions very similarly to other third-party keyword suggestion tools. Enter a word or phrase to generate a list of popular keywords related to that phrase:

Use the keyword suggestion tool to generate a keyword list

You can modify the generated keyword list or upload all keywords as is.

Adjust keyword list as desired

For more details on the process of uploading keywords, read our Import Keywords Tutorial.

Keyword Expansion: Growing and Aggregating Your Keyword List

Your WordStream account is now populated with a starter list of keywords relevant to your business offerings. Your next step is to add WordStream's Keyword Tracking JavaScript to the footer of your website's pages so your visit counts will be accurate. Once you start to see traffic, the WordStream JavaScript will flow your own data into your WordStream account, and you'll be able to segment your keywords based on their actual traffic volume and relevance.