Keyword Niche Finder Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding The Free Keyword Niche Finder. If you have a question not listed here, shoot us a note and we'll be sure to answer it and add it to the list.

Q:  What are people saying about the Free Keyword Niche Finder?

A:  "The Keyword Niche Finder from Wordstream gives our writers a unique free tool to assist in content topic selection and for finding valuable, previously undiscovered long-tail keyword variations to help increase traffic to their articles from search engines." — Tim Blacquier, Director, Online Marketing, Life123

Q:  Is it completely free?

A:  Yes, you can use the Keyword Niche Finder free 10 times up front, and once per day going forward. If you want unlimited use of the Keyword Niche Finder and our other keyword tools, sign up for the Keyword Research Suite to get more exclusive, extensive data and value-added features.

Q:  What are keyword niches?

A:  Keyword niches are groupings of tightly related keywords that can be used to drive paid and organic search marketing strategies.

Q:  Why do I need a niche finding tool?

A:  The process of manually researching and organizing keywords to find valuable niches can take hours, even days, using typical keyword tools. WordStream's Free Keyword Niche Finder automates that process and finds the most profitable keyword groups for you to target in just seconds.

Q:  How will keyword niches help my SEO campaign?

A:  Identifying keyword niches allows you to prioritize your SEO workflow, identify promising topics for Web content and blog posts and help ensure that your website is optimized for the most profitable keywords.

Q:  How will keyword niches help my PPC campaign?

A:  Identifying keyword niches in your vertical allows you to create a strong PPC account structure at inception. This will save you time and money by delivering more relevant ads, which in turn generate more clicks and improve your Quality Score.

Q:  Is there a video tutorial?

A:  Yes. You can watch it here:

Q:  Where does the data come from?

A:  The Keyword Niche Finder aggregates over 1 billion unique keywords, representing over a trillion search queries, and hundreds of millions of related terms from diverse keyword sources, including ISPs, browser toolbars, and search engines.

Q:  How is the data so accurate?

A:  By drawing from diverse keyword data sources and by weighting data appropriately, we're able to provide a more comprehensive and less biased mix of both head and long-tail terms for you to use in PPC and SEO activities.

Q:  How does it work?

A:  The Keyword Niche Finder scans a keyword database of over a trillion search queries to find the most relevant and potentially profitable keyword niches. Our proprietary keyword grouping algorithm determines semantic relevance and automatically groups keywords into closely related clusters you can target with PPC advertising and Web content optimized for organic search.

Q:  What if I already have a keyword list?

A:  If you already have a keyword list, you can use the Free Keyword Grouper to segment it into tightly related groups. Just paste in your list (up to 1,000 keywords) and the tool automatically groups them by relevance into themed clusters.

Q:  What if I want to save my keyword niches?

A:  You can have your keyword niche results emailed to you in a zipped file by entering your email address and clicking "Email All Niches." A WordStream Keyword Research Suite account gives you unlimited access to all our free keyword tools, including the Free Keyword Suggestion Tool and the Free Keyword Grouper.

Q:  How do I see more than 10 niches?

A:  Sign up for a WordStream Keyword Research Suite account. Standard Edition lets you see 50 niches at a time (delete suggested niches in order to see more) and the Extreme Long-tail Edition gives lets you see 100 at a time (again, delete suggested niches to see more).

Q:  I signed up for a free account. Do I have to create a new profile to purchase Keyword Research Suite?

A:   No, you can keep your same Free Tool Account login information. Just login to WordStream as usual and then click the "Buy Now" link under Keyword Research Suite on the Accounts page. WordStream will import your saved information into the form and you just need to fill out a few additional fields.

Q:  Will my proprietary keyword data be kept private?

A:  Absolutely. WordStream will never provide or sell the names and private data of our customers or site users to outside companies. WordStream employs various security measures, including Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol, to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of information under our control. Additionally, the private keyword data provided by WordStream users is in no way shared or integrated with the Free Keyword Niche Finder.

Q:  What is relative frequency?

A:  Relative frequency is our estimate of how often a particular keyword is searched on. A higher relative frequency means that the keyword is searched on more frequently.

Q:  How does the Free Keyword Grouper tool differ from your premium software editions?

A:  The Free Keyword Niche Finder showcases the power of keyword grouping and organization for search campaigns. But as critical as it is, grouping and organizing your keywords is just one aspect of an effective search marketing strategy. To succeed in the long term, you need to practice ongoing keyword discovery and expansion, keyword analysis and refinement, negative keyword discovery, and content production and prioritization. WordStream for PPC is a powerful, innovative PPC platform for creating and managing high-performance pay-per-click campaigns. Keyword Research Suite is collection of powerful SEM tools designed to help search marketers that perform a high volume of keyword research on a regular basis.