Keyword Popularity and Importance

Knowing keyword popularity and importance can help you spend your time more efficiently.  With hundreds or thousands of keywords to manage, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed.  Generally, it's best to focus on the most popular keywords first so that your changes have the biggest impact on your SEM campaigns.  WordStream's popularity ranking tells you what those keywords are to help you work from the top down.

i'm not sure where to start.  can wordstream help me focus on the most important keywords?

WordStream’s Workflow feature is incredibly helpful, and something that really sets us apart from other SEM products.  Instead of just showing marketing analytics, business data that needs to be analyzed, WordStream evaluates the data and takes the next step by suggesting the most useful actions.  In other words, actalytics!
Actions + Analytics = Actalytics
To best optimize your time, click on the “workflow” tab on the top of your page. Start with the campaign you'd like to manage, or if you're just going for general clean up, select your largest keyword group, which oftentimes will be “All Keywords.”  
Use the workflow tab to best optimize your time

WordStream displays the corresponding keyword groups ranked according to popularity, a weighted average of visits and keywords. It’s usually best to start at the top.

how does it work?

The Group Size column suggests which keyword groups should be segmented, according to a keyword limit rule that you’ve defined.   When you see a “fix” sign instead of a green check mark, your group exceeds your limit. Highlight the group, click “segment keyword group,” and WordStream suggests the most optimal keyword segmentations.
Sort your keywords by popularity to ensure the most important ones are managed first
The AdWords Ad Group column lets you know when your Ad Group isn’t up to date, which means you haven’t yet carried over your WordStream optimizing into your PPC campaign. Click “fix” to update your changes. Again, a green check mark means you’re all set.

what is the advanced search option?

The advanced search option allows you to organize the Workflow tab to your preference.  If you like, you may change the view to list by number of keywords, visits or overall popularity.  Select "Show Advanced Search" to set further limits.


Sort results by number of keywords, number of visits, or overall popularity.


The advanced search option also allows you to set parameters in order to target more specific campaigns.  You may query by the number of visits in the keyword groups or by the number of keywords in each group.  To see which groups have too many keywords in them or don't have a corresponding AdGroup, select "Show only Keyword Groups with Warnings."


Work on specific campaigns by setting parameters with advanced search.

Check out our WordStream tutorials for best practice information on segmenting keywords and proper use of the Workflow tab.

what's the best way to rank keyword popularity?

As is the case with most aspects of search engine marketing, keyword popularity is a dynamic ranking that may change with time.  It is best, then, to ensure your rankings take into account old and new data so you're in touch with the market at all times.  WordStream's software constantly and continuously analyzes your account and ranks popularity according to the most up-to-date data.  Try WordStream's Free Trial for your own dynamic keyword popularity rankings.