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Keyword Resources reference best practices and guides from the experts regarding keywords, the most important aspect of your search marketing campaign. Keywords have the power to make or break a search campaign-learn here how to make keywords work for you for the best results.

Keyword Rich Tip: The Real Goldmines Are In your Content!

This blog post makes an excellent point that the best keywords for your search campaign are found in your website's log files (oh, and the adorable picture doesn't hurt either). Learn how (free) information that's already at your disposal helps with long tail keywords, landing page quality, and more.

The best keywords are in your website's log files, right under your nose!

WordStream offers a free tool to mine this data into actionable search data. Read more about our Keyword Discovery Tool that finds keywords as you sleep!

Keyword List Mistakes

Todd Baristow's article on keyword list mistakes is helpful and easy to understand regardless of your SEM comfort level. Common mistakes include not using negative keywords (try WordStream's Negative Keyword Tool), not using enough keywords (not a problem with WordStream's Keyword Discovery Tool) and writing ads that don't match your keyword list (luckily, there's WordStream's Ad Text Tool).

How to Organize Your Keyword Modifiers To Create Long Tail Strategy

The Long Tail is one of the most important components of marketing, but it's also notoriously difficult to manage. Search Engine Journal outlines a method of tracking keyword modifiers in a tree-like table to assist with including long tail keyword phrases in your search campaign.

We couldn't agree more!  In fact, her suggestions sound very similar to WordStream's Long Tail Keyword Tool. Our grouping is on the left and hers is on the right. Do you see it?

Smarty's keyword resource helps with long tail management in a similar way to WordStream

Smarty's suggestion is similar to WordStream's long tail management tool.











Sign up for a Free Trial of WordStream to create your own keyword tree to optimize the long tail. 

The Long Tail Theory Gets Challenged, Just Not In Search Query Demand

Despite various research that's been done to challenge Chris Anderson's theory of the long tail, facts continue to arise suggesting that the long tail theory is alive and well in search engine marketing.

This SEOmoz blog post details just that. Based on one investigation into search query demand, Dustin Woodard discovered "if a search were represented by a tiny lizard with a one-inch head, the tail of that lizard would stretch for 221 miles."  That's quite a lizard!

Finding Negative Keywords

If you'd like to learn more about negative keywords, check out our Negative Keyword Guide. Once you have an understanding of their importance, read Brad Geddes' post about ways to discover negative keywords (or try our Free Negative Keyword Tool).

Google Broad Match: A Change for the Worse

Starting n the summer of 2008, search marketer and blogger, George Michie, noticed a decline in the performance of broad match keywords. Michie may have discovered why that is and what you can do to stop it from negatively affecting your ad campaign.

Broad Match is Pay Per Click Fraud?

In the spirit of this PPCProz post, broad matching may be too lenient in selecting "relevant synonyms," in effect costing you more than you think. Read how far Google's new broad match can go and how important it is to find a tool that utilizes server logs to produce a more appropriate, cost-effective keyword list. Then, try WordStream's Keyword Suggestion Tool, which does exactly that.

AdWords Search Permutation Victims

Search Permutation, where the words in the current and previous search query are combined to generate new searches, potentially displaying irrelevant ads, probably affect at least 1-2% of searches. The percentage raises for niche markets. Learn why that is in this helpful article by Merjis Online Marketing.

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