JavaScript and Keyword Tracking

The keyword tracker is a powerful component of WordStream. When you set up an account, you'll be asked to install a small bit of JavaScript on each of your website's pages. WordStream is a learning system, fed mostly by data obtained from this code. Information, such as new keywords people have used to find your website, keyword popularity and performance feed from this code into your WordStream account.

What does the javascript do?

JavaScript is an important component of WordStream that keeps your information up-to-date and constantly growing. It ensures reporting and visit numbers are as accurate as possible and by recording search queries of people that land on your website, is crucial to enhancing your long tail of keywords. Remember that the majority of search traffic happens in this long tail, and it's also where competition for keywords is lower, which in effect lowers bid amounts.

Information collected from the JavaScript flows into your account daily, adding keywords and updating reporting metrics

The JavaScript is completely safe and provides numerous benefits. When placed at the foot of your website, as suggested, it doesn't affect load time so that it remains unnoticed by visitors. If you're familiar with Google Analytics, you'll know that it has a similar code for similar reasons, though it tracks far less data.

How do i add it to my website?

Within the WordStream tab, click "tracker" for your specific JavaScript. If you haven't yet added the code, you'll see a yellow warning sign indicating that WordStream is not able to track your keywords and other data because the script has not yet been uploaded to your website.

JavaScript allows WordStream to discover new keywords and ensure your visit and popularity data are current.

Once it's uploaded and information is flowing into your WordStream account, you'll see a green check mark in place of the yellow warning. Be sure to add the code to the footer of your website so it doesn't affect load time.

Javascript summarized

In short, adding JavaScript to your website enhances your search engine marketing efforts tremendously. It collects a wealth of data to keep your account dynamic and constantly learning. In effect, WordStream's Keyword Discovery Tool provides you with real searches that people are using to find your specific website so your keyword list is never stagnant. Keyword popularity and relevance are calculated four times per day, each time new information flows in, so you're always guaranteed to be prioritizing and listening to your market. Sign up for a Free Trial to get a step ahead of your competition.