Landing Page Generation: How to Create Effective Landing Pages

Landing page generation is a can’t-skip step in your marketing campaigns, whether you’re trying to drive online sales or generate leads. Why? Because without well-designed landing pages, the traffic you drive to your website from online ads, emails, and other marketing campaigns is unlikely to convert. If you’re simply sending all traffic to your homepage, your leads are going to get lost in the crowd, bounce from your website, and turn to a competitor who has landing pages that are tailored to their needs.

Perhaps you already have landing pages that simply aren’t performing at a high level and bringing in as many conversions as you anticipated. Either way, you need help, and you need it now! Start by identifying what went wrong in the landing page generation process by grading your landing page for free, and see how your pages stack up against others with a free benchmark report.

5 Landing Page Generation Tips for Landing Pages that Convert

Building landing pages is not a simple task, and so many businesses seem to be focusing on the wrong things when it comes to landing page generation. Follow these tips and tricks to whip your landing pages into shape. (And check out 7 landing page tools that can make the job easier.)

Tip #1: Keep Your Landing Page Design Simple, Clean, & Organized

All too often, landing pages are jam-packed with information, various offers, distracting pop-ups, a library of YouTube videos, and even obnoxious music. Stop that! You will see a huge improvement in performance if you stop trying so hard, and start simplifying the design, look, and feel of the page.

Landing page generation starts with the design, which should include smart use of color, an eye-catching image, and one clear call-to-action. Keep text minimal, don’t overwhelm visitors with noise, and try to avoid too many links on the page to keep the visitor on track to convert. Include the most important copy above the fold, and provide any additional information, such as an FAQ, contact info, etc., below the fold. Also, organize your text with bullet-points and headers to make it easy to read.

Tip #2: Use a Strong, Relevant Header to Broadcast the Offer Value

If the offer is strong, then this should be easy! The header will likely be the first thing seen and read so make sure it clearly broadcasts the offer, for example “FREE Social Media Marketing Guide,” or “Dinner Delivery Service – 1st Two Meals Are Free!” Whatever your offer is, communicate it effectively in the headline, making sure to include any special offers or deals. PPC landing pages should have clear relevance to the ad and keyword that lead to the landing page.

Tip #3: Incorporate Trust Signals

Was your product or offering recommended by Martha Stewart? Do you have over 25K likes on your Facebook page? Do you have noteworthy industry licenses proving your services are safe and legitimate? Then highlight these on your landing page! Users are much more likely to convert if they trust you, and they’re more likely to trust you if you provide reasoning why they should. Surprisingly enough saying “trust us!” doesn’t typically work…  

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Tip #4: Relevancy is Key!

Relevancy is key! You need to ensure your keywords match the ad copy in your PPC ads, and that these are directing to relevant landing pages. For example, if someone searches for “Boston yoga class” they should then be directed to an ad on Google, which says “Boston Yoga Class,” and the landing page headline should read, “Boston Yoga Class.” The concept is simple, but all too often users are directed to irrelevant or overly general landing pages. Just imagine if you clicked on an ad looking for yoga classes in Boston, but instead you reached a landing page for exercise classes available all over the country – that would be a waste of a click for both the searcher and the advertiser! Don't make your visitor work too hard; deliver exactly what they're looking for.

Tip #5: Test, Test, Test!

Landing page generation is useless if you’re not willing to test. Without thorough testing and tracking you really won’t have any idea if your landing pages are living up to their full potential. So test: headlines, CTA's, colors, wording, images and so on, but make sure you’re testing one component at a time with a substantial set of data to get accurate findings. (Learn more about A/B testing best practices.)

How Can I Improve & Speed Up My Landing Page Generation?

Landing page generation might seem daunting, but we’re here to help ease the process. With WordStream’s Landing Page Generation toolset, you can easy create custom landing pages that actually convert. The Landing Pages & Leads feature of WordStream Advisor guides users through the landing page generation process and also provides ways to optimize landing pages for paid search specifically. Try it today to start driving more leads that convert! 

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