Lauren Gentile

Lauren Gentile


Like many others in our industry, Lauren stumbled into marketing and has worked in both the dental industry and finance. She’s happy to have found a home in marketing and, more importantly, at WordStream, where she is a senior customer success specialist. Lover of all furry four-legged creatures, dad jokes, and a good plate of BBQ, Lauren can most often be found outside soaking up the sun like the Floridian she is.

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August 15th, 2019

When I’m sweating bullets in the oppressive August heat, I want nothing more than to dive into an ice bath fit for a polar bear. But when it’s snowing boatloads, I dream of lounging like the inner feline goddess I am, sprawled out in front of every sunbeam in my reach. I like to think I’m always ahead of the seasonality curve—ready for the change in weather, in activities, in clothing.