Landing Page Designer: Effective Landing Pages Made Simple

Landing pages are the decision point where a website visitor could become your customer. After all the hard work you’ve put into every other step of the PPC marketing process, you’ll want a landing page design that captures your visitor’s needs.

Landing page designer software

Not a professional landing page designer with coding and design background? Not a problem! WordStream’s landing page designer can help you cross the PPC finish line, with tools to:

  • Build optimized landing pages with conversion tracking: Know whether your landing pages are converting visitors to leads.
  • Customize your landing page design: Add your own logo and images, and build a customized landing page form with preset standard fields or your own custom fields for web visitors.
  • Make instant landing page changes: We provide a landing page hosting environment, so you won’t have to know how to program or call your web team to make changes to your landing page.

Landing Pages Designed to Track Where Your Money Is Going

Imagine for a second that you’re spending money on a marketing channel but you don’t know whether or not it works. You’re spending more money and creating more landing pages, because it seems to be working for everyone else – but you don’t actually know which keywords, ads, and landing pages and delivering leads. It doesn’t have to be like that.

If you’re paying money to send traffic to your landing pages, you need to have a grasp on their ROI. WordStream’s landing page designer will enable you to:

  • See the best (and worst) landing pages in your marketing campaign
  • Export a list of leads generated by your landing pages
  • Get detailed lead information for deep insight into your best performing landing pages

Landing page tracking software

The leads you get from your online marketing budget will no longer be a black box, but rather a transparent set of data.

Better Landing Page Designs

Good landing pages have a fluid theme, compelling content, and clear call to action. Take any one of these elements out of the package and you’ll be creating a poor landing page designed to scare your visitors away. To ensure all landing page best practices are met, WordStream’s landing page designer is structured for you to succeed.

Personalized Landing Pages

Personalized landing page themes

Your landing page should be an extension of your brand. Therefore, we strongly recommend:

  • Uploading your company logo to a prominent location on the page
  • Choosing a memorable image to persuade your visitor
  • Matching your brand profile with a fitting color palette and background

Forms Designed to Capture Visitors

Template for landing page forms

There’s a fine art in gaining the trust of your web visitor so they will fill out your landing page form and become a lead:

  • Build a form that gives you enough information to act without overwhelming the visitor. You can pick from preset standard fields (name, email, phone number, etc.) or custom fields (dropdown menus, checkboxes, and more).
  • Write a compelling call to action (CTA). This is the message that appears on the button users will click on after they fill in the form, and it should tell visitors what they’ll get if they click.
  • Reward your visitors for clicking the call to action with a thank you page. You can add offers to your thank you page such as white papers and e-books.

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