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Landing page software: Do you really need it for PPC?

Landing pages are a key turning point when it comes to converting visitors to customers. You’ve worked hard perfecting the rest of your PPC marketing process – now you need a landing page template that works every bit as hard to deliver what your visitors are looking for. You can build landing pages on your own, without software, but it's complicated and resource-intensive.

Landing page designer software

If you don’t have experience in coding or building landing pages, or just want to save time and make sure your PPC landing pages follow best practices, WordStream’s got you covered. Our landing page software can help you make it that final mile in your PPC campaign. You’ll be able to:

  • Generate PPC-optimized landing pages with conversion tracking: Convert more visitors and measure landing page performance with a convenient central dashboard.
  • Modify your landing page template: Incorporate your own logo and images to add personality, and create a lead capture form with fixed or custom fields to collect valuable information.  
  • Make quick and easy tweaks to pages: With WordStream’s convenient page hosting environment, there’s no need for coding expertise or IT involvement to make edits.

Landing Page Software for Lead Tracking: Do You Know Where Your PPC Dollars Go?

Picture this – you’re spending oodles of money on a marketing channel, but you have no idea if it’s even working. Again and again you invest and build out additional landing pages, because you see competitors doing it – but you don’t know for sure which keywords, advertisements, and pages are actually doing their part to convert leads. Well, guess what? Things can be a lot easier!

If you don’t have a clear picture of each page’s ROI, you’re likely wasting spend paying to send traffic there. WordStream’s landing page generator software allows you to:

  • Identify both the MVPs and duds in your landing page campaign
  • Export lead details to a convenient CSV file
  • Learn more about your leads so you can continuously optimize your pages

Landing Page Software Leads Dashboard

No more mystery about the leads coming in through your PPC campaigns. Now you can have a truly transparent set of data that can be used to inform future online marketing efforts.  

Optimize Your Landing Page Designs with Landing Page Software

All-star landing pages have a consistent look and feel, engaging content, and a short, gain-focused call to action. Neglecting even one of these key features will result in a poorly constructed page that may send your visitors packing. WordStream’s landing page software takes out all the guesswork by breaking landing page creation into structured steps.

Customized Landing Page Templates

Landing Page Software Theme and Logo

Think of each new landing page as a representation of your brand. Best practices include:

  • Putting your company logo in a highly visible place on the page
  • Uploading a relevant image to compel your visitors 
  • Selecting a color scheme and background that complements your brand

Lead Capture Forms to Convert Visitors

Landing Page Software Lead Capture Form

Persuading your page visitors to fill in and submit a lead capture form requires a delicate balance of actions:

  • Craft a lead capture form that is thorough, yet not overwhelming to visitors. Choose from an assortment of standard best practice fields (e.g., email, phone number) or create custom fields (e.g., radio buttons, text boxes).
  • Compose a powerful call to action (CTA). Your button should urge visitors to click and clearly communicate what will happen when they do.
  • Add a thank you page to reward visitors for submitting the form. Attach useful assets (e.g., white papers, e-books) for visitors to download and take with them upon leaving the page.  

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