Long Tail Software - How Long Tail Software Improves the Value of Search Campaigns

Long tail software is the only way to visualize and manage the better converting, higher ROI leads driven by long tail queries. 

Including long tail phrases and keywords in your search campaign has numerous benefits, such as:

  • Higher Quality Traffic: Long tail queries are more specific, better indicating the intent of the searcher, which leads to higher conversion rates
  • Reduced Costs: Due to lower competition and higher relevance, long tail keywords tend to have lower cost per click (CPC) in addition to better conversion and improved ROI
  • Better Natural Search Results: Long tail terms give you insight into what the market wants, such as specific features or benefits of your product, which act as a continuous stream of suggestions for content and new landing pages  

Despite the advantages of the long tail of search, the majority of search marketers neglect the long tail because of the difficulty in management. On his blog, Google's Director of Product Management, Joe Kraus, details the importance of the long tail, which makes up approximately 97% of all searches. Even he admits to struggling with how to tap into and act on the long tail before joining Google. With so many keywords, manual management is all but impossible.

97% of searches are in the long tail, but long tail software is necessary in order to benefit from them.

Strictly due to the nature of the long tail, software is the only viable option as a way to profit from the long tail without a significant time commitment. With keyword grouping tools, keyword suggestion, and more, WordStream is the ultimate Long Tail Software.

WordStream's Long Tail Software Tool

WordStream's search marketing software not only collects long tail keywords, it also organizes and groups them and provides the ability to take action, all from the same platform. 

Collecting Long Tail Queries

WordStream obtains long tail keywords by scanning your web log's history. The software collects any search queries that brought people to your website, either through paid search or organically, and adds them to your WordStream keyword database. This immediately populates your keyword list with relevant, long tail phrases that people have used to land on your specific website. Next, the software automatically organizes them based on their relevance to each other.

Keywords are organized and grouped as they flow into your account.

Organizing and Grouping Long Tail Keywords

Above, you can see how WordStream may organize a pet store's keywords surrounding bird products. With the easy Keyword Grouping Tool, you set rules for each segment and as new long tail keywords flow in (with WordStream's Keyword Discovery Tool), they're organized and grouped for you.

You're left with segmented keyword groups that have a high relevance to each other, a key component in a higher Quality Score. Long Tail keywords are grouped by relevance, and you can easily search for and visualize them with the advanced search option, as pictured below. 

The long tail software tool includes advanced search so you can easily find long tail keywords.

Acting on Long Tail Keywords

Once your long tail keywords are properly grouped and organized, the next step is to capitalize on them, another task that's easy with WordStream. Simply right-click on the group you want to make an ad for, and select "Create Google AdWords Ad Group for Selected Group." WordStream directs you through the whole process, from assigning a maximum bid to helping you write keyword-rich ad copy.  Thanks to an API with Google AdWords, changes flow through to your AdWords account with the click of a button.

Right click on a keyword goup to act on long tail keywords

Get Started With WordStream: The Best Long Tail Software

By definition, the long tail of search includes an indefinite amount of search queries that are unworkable without some sort of software automation infrastructure. WordStream's software incorporates all the aspects of the long tail so that reaping its benefits become not only possible, but painless.  With WordStream, you have access to:

  • Keyword Discovery: Let WordStream suggest keywords that people have used to reach your site so your long tail list is continuously growing
  • Keyword Grouping: Organizing long tail keywords is no longer the tedious chore it used to be with WordStream's smart grouping tool
  • Negative Keyword Discovery: Expanding your keyword list is best done while simultaneously expanding your negative keyword list. This reduces unnecessary impressions and inefficient spend 
  • AdText Creative Suggestion: WordStream examines your keyword groups and populates relevant ad copy for a better Quality Score.
  • Workflow Prioriziation: By analyzing your keywords and visits generated, WordStream suggests next courses of action so your time is spent as efficiently as possible

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