Small Team, Big Results: How Lumia Succeeds with WordStream

It takes knowledge, skill, and time to successfully manage several PPC accounts simultaneously. However, even the most capable and knowledgeable agency manager only has so much time in a day, and for Amer Grozdanic of Lumia, giving each of his clients’ accounts the time they needed was proving problematic.

Amer needed help – and that’s where WordStream came in after Lumia became a WordStream agency customer in September 2014.

The Problem: Closing the ROI Gap with a Small Team

Before becoming a WordStream agency client, Amer and his team realized that while they possessed the skills and knowledge to improve their clients’ accounts, they only had so many hours in a day. As a small but growing agency, Lumia faced many of the problems that even larger agencies experience – including finding ways to make a substantial impact on their clients’ ROI with limited resources.

Many of Lumia's clients had low Quality Scores, and wasted spend was a consistent problem. Although Amer and his team knew they could make a difference for their clients and improve ROI, doing so using just the AdWords tools was becoming a problem.

The Solution: Centralizing Agency Account Management

Amer had followed Larry Kim, WordStream’s Founder and CTO, for many years prior to becoming a WordStream agency client. After a recommendation from an acquaintance, Amer quickly realized how WordStream Advisor’s centralized approach to client account management could make a major impact.

“You can’t just do one thing and hope for results – you have to do everything,” says Amer. “I used to be able to give, let’s say, 10 hours to a client – but those 10 hours might have focused on only 20% of the variables. Right now, I have extra time to try other things for them as long as the budget is there. That’s the huge thing. Time is money, especially with a small team. We’re a small team, we have limited bandwidth, but with WordStream, that bandwidth has expanded.”

The biggest impact that WordStream made to Lumia was in streamlining the account management process. Since becoming a WordStream agency client, Amer has been able to spend less time actually diving into his clients’ accounts and more time identifying opportunities that translate into real results for his clients. He also says that the time that WordStream Advisor saves his team has made a tremendous impact in Lumia's growth.

“It gives me more time to do other things, whether it’s meeting with clients, or making better presentations for clients to be more impressive when we meet with them,” Amer says. “When you have time, you can do what you want with that free time to make yourself more valuable. The biggest thing we value right now is having that free time to not just grow our clients, but grow our agency.”

The Results: Significant Improvements Across the Board, More Time

Since becoming a WordStream agency client, both Lumia and Amer’s clients have seen remarkable results.

One client in particular experienced an increase in click-through rate from .98% to 7% – an improvement of 700% – since Lumia became a WordStream agency client.

wordstream agency case study graph showing increase in click volume

One client’s click volume increase in just 3 months

“With everything that we have done and used WordStream for, it has improved,” Amer says. “Our click-through rates have improved, our Quality Scores have improved. Overall, looking at all of our clients, WordStream has really, really helped us become better at what we do.”

In addition to the tangible improvements in his clients’ account metrics, Amer says that partnering with WordStream has fundamentally changed his approach to agency PPC management, thanks in part to his Customer Success Representative.

“It’s about having an outsider’s perspective,” Amer says. “To have an ‘auditor’ come in and tell you what’s going great, it’s that feedback that keeps you on your toes. If you miss one thing in AdWords, it can mean a difference of thousands of dollars. Thankfully, we’re good at that, but there’s always something she can find for us to test or try out to increase sales or ROI for our clients. It’s just a good conversation to have.”

Amer also values the time and commitment that his Customer Success Representative dedicates to sharing developments in the world of paid search with him and his team.

“It’s great when she reminds us about the webinars that are coming up, or the resources that you guys have, and sharing them,” Amer says. “She won’t just mention them and make us go look for them – after we finish our biweekly call, she’ll email them to us, so again, it saves me time.”

Amer and his team continue to grow Lumia and increase the ROI of his clients. With more time to spend on growing his agency and the means to easily manage his clients’ accounts with WordStream Advisor, Amer is optimistic about moving forward with WordStream.

“We’ve been very happy with WordStream and our experience,” Amer says. “Everything has been great.”

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