Lyle Swartz

Lyle Swartz


As a member of the Premier Consulting team at WordStream, Lyle focuses on managing client relations and optimizing paid search efforts. His passion to help others translates well to his efforts on the Customer Success branch of WordStream. Lyle is known for his curiosity, as he never stops asking questions on topics that pique his interest.

bids versus budget SERP for "divorce attorney in boston"
November 19th, 2018

Budgets and bids – they seem identical, right? If I have a larger budget, I should inevitably be more competitive, win in the ad auction more often, and achieve higher KPI metrics. If I have a smaller budget? Simple – my account wouldn’t perform as well. Why would an account with a $5000 monthly budget perform worse than one with $1000 in the same industry, right?

Well, not...