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WordStream: Keyword Management Made Easy

 WordStream helps both SEM and SEO
"WordStream handles keyword lists that can be thousands or hundreds of thousands of words long. The software, based on parameters you set, will then segment these keywords into groups. These groups will then help the SE marketer write compelling SEO copy based on those keyword phrases that are actually most performing and optimize pages for other keywords that are not that strong. For PPC this could drastically improve quality scores...

The beauty of the tool is actually managing keywords into groups, and even being able to determine “segments” of keywords for each main “group category.” The tool expands the keyword database continuously, based on an action tracker you set up into the WS account. This “expansion” will include negative keywords too and the process will be continuous, helping you actively monitor trends."

Tool Review: WordStream Helps SEM Pros Streamline & Segment Keyword Lists

Search Engine Land gives WordStream a glowing review, specifically impressed with keyword organization and keyword discovery.
"As Search Engine Marketing grows as an industry, it’s inevitable that new technology will evolve to fill in the gaps where current solutions fall short.

Case in point is WordStream, a new SEM tool that specifically helps raise productivity for handling, assembling, and segmenting your keyword list. The main value that I see in WordStream is in helping SEM Pros sift through huge keyword lists and quickly segment them into campaigns and ad groups. Then, as you drop in more keywords over time (the tool even helps with that part), the keywords segment themselves into these campaigns and ad groups based on the keyword rules you’ve setup."

WordStream Launches App to Optimize Search Marketing

Venture Beat covered WordStream as a time and cost-saving new tool.
"The application not only generates a database of relevant keywords, but also tracks their performance to determine which ones work best, in which groups and why — and puts the results to use in live campaigns... The Boston-based company automatically integrates Web analytics to prioritize certain keywords, allowing advertisers to make informed decisions at all times. The keywords themselves are continuously chosen based on traffic data, and the software also organizes negative keywords."

The Thinking SEO's Analytics: WordStream Launches Saas SEO Tool
Porter Kendall is impressed with WordStream's approach to keyword discovery and analysis.

"I have often said that of the three players in the PPC game the two winners are customers and Google - but with Wordstream's tools, you might just be able to get ahead... Wordstream takes a creative approach to keyword discovery & analysis that uses a database of 100% accurate data from your own new and historical website traffic... I especially like the keyword segmentation tools, the fact that Wordstream relies heavily on your new and historical web site data for many of its analyses, and the focus on the relationship between keywords and site architecture."

WordStream Releases SEM Application

DM News references the improved efficiency of WordStream customer, Tightrope Interactive.
"WordStream has been in beta testing since October. Tightrope Interactive, an online marketing firm, was one of WordStream's early adopters. “We've been able to be much more efficient when we build our search campaigns, and we've been able to improve our relevancy within the search engines," said Dan Rabin, director of search services at Tightrope Interactive. "It's been a big help in segmenting our keyword lists and putting them into specific ad groups. It certainly has improved our Quality Score, which has consequently helped our click-through rate.”

SEO Quality Score Tool Startup Secures $4M

Online Media Daily emphasizes WordStream's workflow prioritization tool and improvement in Quality Score.
"There are plenty of reporting tools from Google and other search engines that help brands understand success or failure of campaigns, but the SaaS application automates the process and provides suggestions on how to build the campaign. . . Boston-based Sentry Auto Group President Chris Lemley began using WordStream in November. In the first six weeks, the impact on the company's search engine Quality Score more than quintupled, from .3% to nearly 2%, though costs stayed the same, he said."

Search Ad Firm WordStream Gets $4 Million First Round; New CEO

Paid Content recognizes WordStream CEO, Rob Adler, and Vice President, Larry Kim
"WordStream has picked up $4 million. . . [and] new president and CEO, Rob Adler. Adler previously served as co-founder and president of CCBN, an online financial services company Thompson Financial acquired in 2004; founder Larry Kim will now serve as VP, marketing and products. The Boston, Mass.-based search ad technology firm will use the funds to support the launch of its new campaign management suite, which includes support for both paid and organic search optimization."

WordStream Hunts Down $4M From Sigma Partners
Mass High Tech announces launch of new SEM software

"Our software helps all advertisers be more relevant for the searcher by helping them discover the long tail keywords that they can logically bid against,” Adler said of WordStream’s product. The software begins with by analyzing all the keywords used to find an advertiser’s site, he said. Those keywords are put into a database with a user-interface that allows the advertiser to organize the database for targeted campaigns. For example, a pet store might organize keywords by kind of pet, and then by type of solution, such as foods or accessories."

WordStream Launches Low-Cost Search Engine Marketing Tool, Raises $4M>

xConomy recognizes all the advantages of WordStream available at a low cost.
"[WordStream] helps Web advertisers get their sponsored links published as prominently as possible on Google search result pages, for the lowest possible pay-per-click rates ... WordStream can also help companies adjust the wording of the ads and of the “landing pages” that the ads link to, so that they relate as directly as possible to searchers’ queries. That, in turn, helps to improve an ad’s Quality Score, Adler says. And the higher the Quality Score, the higher an ad will generally appear on a search result page, the more people will likely click on it, and the less money Google will charge the advertiser per click."

WordStream Wants to Automate Your Search Marketing Campaign
Andy Beal at Marketing Pilgrim questions the value of search automation.

"Can you really ever fully automate your SEO and PPC campaign? Well, the folks over at WordStream are launching a new hosted software solution that claims to do just that. "

WordStream Unveils new Keyword Tools to Improve Google AdWords Quality Score and SEO

Though search marketing is effective, it also can require a big time commitment, says PR-USA.Net

"Responding to the challenges created by the rapid pace of change and new opportunities in search marketing, WordStream, Inc. today announced the availability of its groundbreaking solution for optimizing search engine marketing campaigns. An all-new online search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) application, WordStream allows search marketers to dramatically increase productivity, relevance and value for enhancing search marketing campaigns."

WordStream Introduces Online SEM/SEO Tool
BtoB Magazine announces WordStream's Launch.

"Among its capabilities, the WordStream solution tracks keyword performance, suggests new keywords and turns keyword groupings into pay-per-click campaigns and AdGroups. Workflow tools help prioritize tasks by identifying opportunities for keyword expansion and possible inefficiencies."

WordStream: Review and Tips

Venture Beat covered WordStream as a time and cost-saving new tool.

 "Through an interview with WordStream founder Larry Kim, John Dreller provides insight into the company's new SEM tool aimed at helping to raise productivity when handling, assembling, and segmenting keyword lists. Dreller spotlights key features of the tool such as the ability to continually generate new keywords, as well as helping SEM experts sift through huge lists and quickly segment them into campaigns and ad groups. Using the tool for a sample campaign, Dreller identifies some of the biggest search marketing "trip-ups," and makes several suggestions to keep you on the error-free track."

 Keyword Management Tool WordStream: Reviewed

Zach Grave Positively Reviews WordStream
"I was given a demo of a product called WordStream recently, and thought it was pretty slick. The software is Web-based and I think they did a really nice job on the UI. Basically, WordStream lets you create and manage a “keyword database” for paid and natural search engine marketing... Discovering and organizing keywords is a crucial part of PPC and SEO, and the tool has a pretty innovative approach to both... It’s a really interesting tool. If you’re looking for PPC software or you have a larger site with a lot of content that you need to prioritize and organize, definitely check out the free trial."

Review, Interview & Demo: Larry Kim, WordStream Founder

Plug In SEO interviews WordStream founder, Larry Kim
 "Wordstream is a hosted service seeded with keywords from your web server logs, file upload or manual entry. From there it automatically groups these keywords into a hierarchical categorisation navigable using a familiar folder structure, except that these are buckets. While an analytics package reports new keywords by analysing the referrer URL,what sets Wordstream apart is its ability to automatically place these under the right bucket. Typos are no problem for the software states Kim. Clearly this makes adding to your long tail keywords much easier. Goals and traffic alongside further unlocks their value... Wordstream's seamless presentation, categorisation, and administration of [long tail keyword management] is elegant... The tool itself is well executed and thought out."  

WordStream: PPC Tool Review

Kate Morris points out the valuable and unexplored niche that WordStream addresses.
"Their program helps the search marketer drill down and organize their campaigns. The program then uses the PPC platform APIs to push the new structure into the live campaigns. Wordstream is not only a bid management program - it does all the “normal stuff” too - but their system of assisting in campaign organization is what makes it unique... for [marketers] that are doing multiple things with very little time, this system could be a godsend. I have to give it to the staff at WordStream, they are highly dedicated to their product and each person I have been in contact has full faith that they are the best. I haven’t used to to it’s full extent, but so far I’d have to agree that they have found a niche that has not yet been explored and very valuable to the search marketer." 

Profiting From Mid-Tail Keywords

Around the Net Highlight's WordStream's Mid-Tail blog post
 "Long-tail keywords drive more traffic in aggregate than main category keywords, but they are typically difficult to manage; it's nearly impossible to create a predictive model for their success.

This WordStream post suggests positioning your site's SEO strategy to drive long-tail keyword traffic to the site, but focusing on using mid-tail keywords because the site will gain better performance. SEO professionals can do this by structuring Web sites to acquire longer-tail traffic by carefully planning interlinking and link-building and content creation strategies to aggressively target mid-tail keywords."


Keyword Segmentation and Organization with WordStream

Webthinkers is impressed with WordStream's productivity and efficiency
"I used [WordStream] first to import my keyword data from my server logs... in only a couple minutes I had all the keywords people used to find my site, with usage data, loaded.  You can then see how many visitors each keyword or phrase brought in, with a graphical representation that looks like the textbook keyword distribution curve, with a perfect long tail. The beauty of the keyword software is that now you can very efficiently segment the keywords into tightly themed groups with just a few clicks...Once you have segmented a group down to something you would like to create and ad group for, with just a couple clicks you can create an ad group in AdWords . For agencies or individuals who do a lot of keyword organization and ad group creation, this looks like it could not only save a lot of time, but could also really help you to create highly targeted ad groups that could improve your Quality Score.