Megan Marrs, Marketing Blogger and Copywriter at WordStream

Megan Marrs
Megan Marrs is a blogger and copywriter at WordStream, where she writes for the marketing department. She is a regular contributor to the WordStream Internet Marketing Blog, where she covers topics including social media, web news, SEO techniques, content marketing, link building, and search marketing, among others.

She has contributed as a guest poster to numerous industry websites and blogs including PPC Hero, Compete, Distilled, Search Dog Marketing, Boxcar Marketing, Swipely, SEO Hatch, Search Engine Optimization Journal, and Search Engine People. 

Megan studied English Literature and Visual Arts at College of the Holy Cross, where she graduated in 2010. She often likes juggling a variety of projects, both blog and craft related. An avid traveler and animal enthusiast, she loves to visit new places and take part in new experiences while documenting it all through writing and photography.  

Megan currently resides in the brilliant city of Boston. In her spare time you might find her lounging in a hammock with a good book, playing video games, or planning her next adventure.

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