Negative Keyword Tool Overview

WordStream's Negative Keyword Tool scans WordStream's trillion keyword database to help you brainstorm highly relevant suggestions for negative keywords even before your campaign goes live.

Negative keywords are a special type of keyword matching option that stops your ads from showing up on searches containing the negative keywords that you specify.

To use WordStream's proprietary algorithms to find negative keywords that will eliminate wasted clicks follow these steps:

  • Enter the keyword that you would like to receive negative keyword suggestions for (e.g. insurance)
  • Click "Get Negative Suggestions"

WordStream outputs the most commonly searched-on keyword modifiers used in combination with your topic. Since every business is different, it's impossible for us to know exactly which keywords are relevant to your business. To build your own customized negative keyword list from WordStream's suggestions, follow these steps:

  • Review the example search query and note the suggested negative keyword that appears in red.
  • Is the suggested negative keyword relevant to your business?
    • Click the red "NO" button in the "Relevant?" column if it is not. This will add the negative suggestion to your negative keyword list.
    • Click the green "YES" button in the the "Relevant?" column if it is relevant to your business. This will remove the negative suggestion from the suggestion list.

If you see a keyword that's close, but not exactly what you want you can click on the keyword to edit it once it’s in your negative keyword list.

Once you've created your negative keyword list you can:

  • Apply it instantly to your campaigns and ad groups.
  • You can also export the list if you want to save your work for later or use it in Excel.

To start over, type a new website into the search bar.