Nils Rooijmans

Nils Rooijmans


Nils Rooijmans is founder and CEO of Water Cooler Topics, a fully remote PPC agency and PPC automation provider. He's been actively involved in the search arena since the late nineties, both in technology and marketing.

Google scripts example for expanded text
September 27th, 2018

When people hear the term “Google Ads Scripts,” their eyes start to glaze over.

I get it – it sounds like something that’s both tedious and technical. But here’s what many people don’t realize: it’s insanely easy to get started with Google Ads Scripts, even if you aren’t a techie whose greatest love is writing code. And it’s very,...

August 15th, 2018

Here’s a question I hear all the time:

I’ve been using AdWords/Google Ads for some time now, and my campaigns are doing great. But how can I get more bang for my buck, and have more fun managing my campaigns?

Well, young Padawan, the answer lies in one word: scripts!

For the uninitiated, scripts are basically pieces of code that help you automate certain Google...