The Best SEO Strategies for 2016 in One Awesome Infographic


We have been told that SEO is dead and buried. There is nothing we can do about it, trying to optimize your site with keyword stuffing, backlinks, and questionable wizardry no longer works. The SERPs are against us, the robots are learning, and our jobs are the first to go.

SEO Strategies 

So why do we care about SEO strategies now?

It’s a whole new world of SEO! The SERPs have caught up to the old tricks, but that doesn’t mean websites shouldn’t be optimizing for organic search. 60% of all organic clicks are on the top 3 search results on the page, and SEO leads continue to dominate the revenue over any outbound leads. Make sure your site is in the running!

Digital Marketing Philippines created this infographic to help us marketers capture the clicks we want. They call out the billions of searches performed in the US each month and show you what to focus on to help with organic results.

Some notable stats from the infographic include:

  • 70% of mobile searches lead to an action within an hour
  • 50% of mobile searchers are looking for local information
  • Long-form content with more than 2000 words earns more shares and backlinks
  • Teens use voice search almost 60% of the time when watching TV

As you develop your SEO strategy for the rest of 2016 and beyond, you can use this infographic to stay the course. Remember! These strategies take time—don’t expect to see results in a week, or even a month.

2016 SEO Strategy

If you’re using these SEO strategies already, let us know how it’s going! We love to hear success stories—or cautionary tales.

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Nicoli Redmayne
Aug 27, 2016

Search engine optimization is one of the fastest-evolving industries — what was relevant yesterday might not be relevant tomorrow. Staying on top means being aware of and adapting to changes as they happen.

Richard Joel
Aug 27, 2016

Today is time of digitization, everybody is touch with your mobile, laptop, personal computer.
You are sharing very informative and useful article.I hope you always share your review with us

all the very best

Yasmin Khan
Aug 29, 2016

I kind of love how SEO keeps evolving to benefit the customer and, indirectly, the marketer. I'm excited about the decreasing influence of keywords in and of themselves and the bigger focus being on user intent. This will be great for more meaningful content creation, among other things. Wins all around!

mary christina
Aug 30, 2016

This post is really good and helpful for me to know the strategies. Thanks for sharing such informative post.

Sep 01, 2016

Post that I read useful in my profession, which is SEO. Thank you for the information and come back to read this blog.

Andy Kuiper
Sep 02, 2016

The voice search part really makes sense now more than ever - thanks :-)

Sep 04, 2016

Good informative article and infographic ... content remain king.

thanks for tips.

Sep 05, 2016

I think SEO is not dead totally, we have a lots of to do in SEO. Competition goes higher and higher in internet marketing. Everyone should have the knowledge about latest techniques and how to use these techniques if they want to see their website on the top in SERPS. Thanks for these some of the wonderful tips.

Wicks William
Sep 06, 2016

Hey Mary!

Hope you're doing well.

I would like to appreciate you for this post where you have given the information about the latest SEO strategies. From the time SEO started, now it's a whole new world of SEO. Here you have nicely mentioned SEO strategies that really work in 2016 with this in-depth infographic.

Amy Phoenix
Sep 12, 2016

Thanks for sharing this valuable blog with us, must say that you have described many things that are easily understandable. Keep updating....

Sep 13, 2016

Mobile optimisation is now the key for success in digital marketing.

Christine de Guzman
Oct 04, 2016

Though Mobile Optimization is one of the best strategies since a lot of users search through mobile, I think the number 5 in the list is the most important strategy. The longer content you have, the better. According to an article I have read, the average Google first page result contains 1,890 words. But of course, you have to make sure that your content is relevant. Anyway, this is just my opinion. The infographic is still very informative. Thanks for sharing this!

Muhammad Usman
Oct 10, 2016

Hi thanks for sharing this article.One more thing that i want to add here to focus on URL. I think search friendly URL can increase your ranking. Looking forward for you point on my suggestion.

Abbeygail Urie
Oct 22, 2016

I think the best strategy depends on what client/customer or what type of business you are handling. But anyway, this is a good article and a very detailed infographics. This may help a lot of SEOs.

Charles Jackson
Jan 23, 2017

Very true! Infographics have great power to drive quality links to our sites.

ethan jones
Mar 05, 2017

I think content still remains on the top of the marketing strategies.

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