32 Free (& Almost Free) Content Marketing Tools


Marketers get by with a little help from their friends – well let us introduce you to 32 new friends! These free and nearly free content marketing tool should help make your job a little easier.

Note: The aim was to only list free content marketing tools, but there are a few paid ones in the mix as well (freebies only get you so far). Unless marked as a paid tool, all content tools listed here have at least some kind of free offering.

Content Curation Tools

Tools to help you discover great content to read and share across the web

Storify: Storify is a great content curating tool that lets you collect various social media elements on a chosen topic and present them all in one sleek format. Alternatively, you can search a topic on Storify and see what other users have created.

content curation tools 2014

Feedly: Feedly is a great RSS reader that lets you stay updated on the latest and greatest blog content. Feedly is stylish and streamlined, making it easy to add, sort, and organize content.

free content curation tools

EverPost: EverPost is another great content curating tool, letting you find new stories based on your pre-selected favorite topics.

content curation tools

Content Creation Tools

Tools to help you create awesome, original content pieces

Visual.ly: Browse their massive collection of infographics for inspiration, then enlist top-notch talent to create your own high-quality, customized infographic content pieces.

custom content creation tools

Prezi: Elegant visual presentations that can be edited and shared in the cloud. Free version allows for public presentations smaller than 100MB. Paid options allow offer more features and space.

Powtoon: Powtoon is an animated content creation tool to help you make custom animated videos - great for explainer videos. The paid version offers more images to use, HD quality, and the ability to create animations longer than 5 minutes.

content marketing tools

SlideShare: View, upload, and share slide deck presentations with audiences across the web.

GoToMeeting: An online meeting/webinar platform with support for most popular desktop and mobile devices. A host of easy-to-use features makes GoToMeeting one of the most popular webinar platforms around. Recording webinars allows users to create and share video resources that can be used as valuable content pieces. If you're not sure how to do a webinar, check out Dan's post. [Free Alternative: Google Hangouts] 

PlaceIt: PlaceIt lets you upload images of your product or website and insert them into high-quality photos. Small image downloads are free, larger files will cost you.

content marketing tools

Skitch: Skitch is a free markup tool for Evernote. Easily add shapes, highlights, and call outs to your photos to create super sharable content.

top content marketing tools

Image from AndroidNova

Tawkers: Tawkers lets users host live web chats. Once the live chat is ended, conversations can be embedded and published on websites.

Listly: Create custom lists and have visitors vote on items. Very easy way to create fun, engaging pieces of content that can easily be shared.

Share As Image: Share As Image is a super cool free app that lets you turn any image you see into a custom content piece. Download the app (or use the Chrome plugin), find an image you like, click "share as image," and customize the image with beautiful text fonts or Instagram-esque filters.

share as image

Share As Image makes it easy to create cover images for your blog posts or quotable images that tend populate much of Pinterest. Once you've created your image content, you can save the pic or share it on various social media networks, all from within the app. Download the pro version and get a huge collection of stock photos, patterns, and the option to replace the Save As Image watermark with your own. This one is a must-have for content creators - check it out!

Quora: Quora lets users ask questions and receive answers. Content marketers can use it to discover what kind of questions their audiences are asking. Use Quora for blogging inspiration - answer Quora questions through a high-quality blog post and you’ve got yourself some content gold.  

Paper.li: Create your own custom online newspaper featuring articles, photos, and videos from all across the web based on topics of your choosing. Share and promote your online newspaper via social media (sorry paper boy, you’re fired).

ThingLink – ThinkLink lets you create custom interactive images by adding clickable icons to links, video, text, music, other images, you name it!

content tools

Tools for Finding Content Creators

Content marketing tools for finding and hiring content creators

Contently: Contently helps businesses find and collaborate with quality freelance writers.

oDesk: An easy-to-use platform that helps you find the right freelancer for the job. See a freelancer’s work history, portfolio, and reviews before hiring them. oDesk helps you confidently hire content creators, guiding and helping you along the way.

Content Promotion & Management Tools

Content marketing tools for sharing and promoting your content

Buffer: Buffer lets you mark articles you want to share and puts them into your queue. Those articles are then shared across your social media accounts at various times spread throughout the day.

content organizing tools

HootSuite: Manage all your social media accounts, track mentions, respond to fan interaction, and schedule posts with this social media management tool.

Tweetdeck: Manage multiple Twitter accounts, schedule Tweets, and track mentions and hashtags. Basically, your number one Twitter hot spot.

Mail Chimp: One of the most popular platforms for email marketing management, Mail Chimp lets you organize contacts, send emails, and track results.

DivvyHQ: An editorial calendar management system to help keep you stay organized and on task while collaborating with team members. [Paid. Free Alternative: Google Drive]

TrackMaven: Track all your content pieces across organic, paid, and social mediums, and easily compare your results to competitors. Plus, their logo is a really, really adorable corgi. [Paid]

content management tools

Click to Tweet: Click to Tweet lets you easily create clickable, tweetable links with customized text.

PR Newswire: Send out press releases to a global database of over 700,000 journalists and bloggers. [Paid]

Content Analytics & Measuring

Tools to measure and analyze content marketing performance

Google Analytics: Track your website traffic, measure social media efforts, create customized reports, and much more. A free analytics powerhouse.

Buzzsumo: Lets users analyze content performance across social mediums. Just search a keyword or topic and see which articles on the web are getting it right. Observe the successful posts and replicate for your own benefit.

content analytic tools

Other Content Marketing Tools

Ubbersuggest: A free keyword suggestion tool that gives you a very healthy assortment of keyword suggestions based on your input.

Addvocate: Measure and track your own employees and how they share your content. Lets you prioritize content you want employees to focus on sharing, and see which of your employees is having the biggest impact on customers. [Paid]

Optimizely: A tool that lets users easily A/B test any number of variables. [Paid]

Creative Commons: Search and discover creative commons licensed media (images, video, etc.) to use for your marketing purposes.

best content marketing tools

Gravity: Keeps track of what topics are hot on the web, and makes it easy for you to see which articles and topics will resonate with your audience. [Paid]

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Nicole Kohler
Jul 28, 2014

I have never seen PlaceIt before and it is amazing! Been looking for something just like that. :) Thanks so much for sharing this list, Megan!

If I can offer a suggestion of my own: Hemingway is an excellent tool for the composing side of content marketing. It checks your grammar as you type and highlights things like passive voice, run-on sentences, etc. I am in love with it!

Megan Marrs
Aug 04, 2014

Hey Nicole - Isn't PlaceIt great? I wish I had found it sooner - so so handy, I can think of many times when I could have used it earlier. Wow, Hemingway looks really cool - I'm gonna check it out and report back. Thanks for sharing it! 

Andrew Solomon
Jul 28, 2014

Thanks for all of those awesome tools! I definitely bookmarked a few of those to see if they'll fit into my workflow. I'm particularly excited about Storify and Powtoon. Thanks again!

Dave Schneider
Jul 28, 2014

Hey Megan,A great list of tools here. I am developing a content marketing tool myself, though it is not free, but I hope you will find a place for it sometime in the future :)Thanks againDave at NinjaOutreach

Megan Marrs
Aug 04, 2014

Good luck Dave! Create a great tool and the love will come. ;)

Jul 29, 2014

Hi Megan,Thanks for the list, I discovered Trackmaven with your article. I did not catch if it was free or paid (I guess the second is more likely). At elokenz we focus on bloggers and track down social mentions of their articles. Could be worth trying for blogger who are using the authorship tag.

Megan Marrs
Aug 04, 2014

Awesome! Let me know how you like it. Definitely smart to keep track of your blog mentions.

Jul 29, 2014

I made a video using tool mentioned in above post & it is really cool. I did it with Powtoon.Thanks for these super cute free tools.

Megan Marrs
Aug 04, 2014

:D That's great to hear! You're welcome.

Promotional Products Canada
Jul 30, 2014

Very useful. But most of these are generic links and direct links are more helpful.

Jul 30, 2014

Hello Megan,When it comes to content curation, Feedly of course seem to be favourite among many including myself.You have shared with us really great tools and  to be honest with you, I am hearing some of those tools above for the first time and it is of course worth trying them as well.Thanks!PS: I found this post of yours shared on kingged.com

Megan Marrs
Aug 04, 2014

Feedly is a favorite of mine as well Emmanuel. Glad I could introduce you to a few new ones. :)

Aug 01, 2014

Good list Megan!Lot's of very useful tools.However I'd put keywordtool.io instead of Ubersuggest. It gives more keyword suggestions, and has way better UI. Have you used it yet?

Megan Marrs
Aug 04, 2014

Hey Artem - thanks, I definitely like the look and feel of keywordtool.io over Ubersuggest, and it seems very comparable in terms of keyword results.

Aug 07, 2014

These are such nice tools for content marketing, although Evernote is one of my favorite tools and with addition of Skitch it becomes more effective.

Aug 08, 2014

Hey Megan!A special thank you for Content promotion and management tools - I found something new for me.Regarding content marketing tools - I would probably also add Styla (styla.com), it looks quite sophisticated and I think it's really something for companies that want to create extra awareness for their e-commerce projects by creating a unique content.But all in all, thanks for the list, there are definitely things worth using.Cheers! :)

Megan Marrs
Aug 18, 2014

Thanks Elli - I'll check out Styla. At first glance it seems pretty similar to Paper.li, but maybe there is something more there.

Nov 26, 2014

content marketing is good way to improve your site traffic.

Richa Varma (SEO Copywriter)
Aug 09, 2014

Hey Megan,This is an absolutely awesome and comprehensive collection of tools that you've compiled here.As a relatively new player in the freelance SEO Copywriting market, I fully confess to having turnedlike a kid in a candy store with this list. :-)Thanks a ton for sharing.

Megan Marrs
Aug 18, 2014

Happy to help Richa! Have fun, there are some pretty great goodies in here!

ceo email database
Oct 23, 2014

Hi,Thanks for your post.it is very nice post.I am interesting of this post and I think every body like this post.

janis newton
Nov 17, 2014

Thanks for sharing good stuff!This post is definitely going to my bookmarks)))I would also put my five cents and suggest the other keyword tool sg.serpstat, which I like for it's question_only mode.Quite useful for title suggestion.

D. Freeman
Nov 25, 2014

Thanks Megan. It's a beautifuld piece. I have tried some of these tools and they are pretty cool. .I also use sg.serpstat.com which helps me generate relevant content keywords. have you tried it out?  

Nov 27, 2014

Hi Megan,I  want to thank you for this article. I appreciate the structure and the examples. There are incredible numerous content marketing tools and I found to be pretty hard to choose what is the most suitable, not to mention affordable. 

Jan 05, 2015

Hi Megan, thanks for the nice list! Also there is a new content curation and social media publishing platform LikeHack (likehack.com), which allows to work with any type of content source in any language. It's very useful! Cheers! :)

Sep 14, 2015

Hi Megan, thanks for the nice article. Among the tools you presented we are intensively using Buffer. Also I would like to bring to your attention a new content curation platform:
Segmento makes content marketing easy, it searches news on the web for you, it will rank them based on their social impact and allows you to share them easily on your social channels.

Nov 12, 2015

Having all 32 free tools for content marketing and just for free, are just great.Most of these tools are reliable, effective and flexible.It reduces its operations costs thereby maximizing profits in the process.

Nov 08, 2016

GotoMeeting did wonders for me and my team. I love that it has a free trial so that you can test the waters before you buy it. I love this list because most of them are free. There are some things here that I want to include in my content marketing tools list back at BoostBlogger.com. Can I include them?

Apr 24, 2017

Hi, can you tell me any website for copyright free images or videos, articles for social media contents ? Thanks!

Feb 15, 2018

I want to thank Megan for this awesome article. I have trying some content & Social media marketing and Management tool.


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