Pause Keyword Alerts: Find the Hidden Keywords that Are Killing Your ROI

Sometimes a single keyword can hurt the performance of your entire pay-per-click campaign or even your whole Google AdWords account. That’s why it’s crucial to pay close attention to keyword performance on a weekly if not daily basis – you could be losing hundreds or thousands of dollars on a handful of poorly performing keywords.

However, especially if you run a large account, it can be very time-consuming to locate those killer keywords – it’s a needle in a haystack situation. Meanwhile, the longer those keywords elude you, the more money you’ll waste and the more they’ll drag down your Quality Scores.

Now, you can let your software do the detective work for you. WordStream’s Pause Keyword Alerts feature is a unique notification system that automatically analyzes your account on a weekly basis to find the hidden keywords that are eating into your ROI.

Pause Keywords Alerts Screen

Here’s how the Pause Keyword Alerts work:

  • Every weekend, WordStream for PPC performs sophisticated statistical analysis on your account to pinpoint underperforming keywords that you might miss when searching manually
  • You’ll get weekly alerts that tell you exactly which keywords to pause, so they stop dragging down your campaign performance
  • You can easily address problem keywords and other budget-killers in 20 minutes a week flat, following the alerts in WordStream’s 20-minute workflow

In concert with our Savings Alerts, Pause Keyword Alerts make it easy to save money and improve your AdWords results in just 20 minutes a week.

The Benefits of WordStream's Pause Keyword Alerts

WordStream's Pause Keyword Alerts are designed to help busy search marketers and small business advertisers get their work done faster and improve their bottom line. The benefits are clear:

  • Save money – Each alert tells you how much money you're wasting on a poorly performing keyword, and consequently how much you'll save by pausing that keyword until you can work to improve its relevance.
  • Save time – Don't waste time combing through every nook and cranny of your AdWords account. WordStream's intelligent algorithms automatically find problem areas in your campaigns.
  • Improve workflow – Pause Keyword Alerts guide you toward completing the tasks with the most impact on your profits first, so you'll know your time and effort is well spent.

You have a lot to do, and only so much time in the day. WordStream for PPC helps you build traffic, leads and sales through paid search, without making PPC a full-time job. It’s like hiring a PPC expert – for as little as $299 per month. Learn more about our software pricing.