Pay-Per-Click Advertising Management: Streamline Your PPC Processes

Pay-per-click advertising management is a true burden when you’re facing the challenge on your own. Even with the aid of traditional PPC tools, you’re left floundering to attempt to organize a sea of keywords, with no guidance on how to group them or what steps to take next.

WordStream’s keyword management software helps you approach PPC advertising management with confidence, providing you with the tools to group your keywords, organize your groups, and identify negative keywords, all in one integrated platform, making keyword advertising the best thing since sliced bread. Having everything together in one place means your team shares best practices and workflow priorities, increasing productivity and efficiency and eliminating the need for a host of logins, scattered Web tools, spreadsheets and documents passed back and forth.

Keyword Grouping: The First Step in PPC Advertising Management

When it comes to PPC and SEO, the foundation lies in keyword research and management. Upon developing an extensive, ever-growing list of long-tail keywords, the best course of action is to segment your keywords into hierarchical, closely related groups which you can then turn into PPC ad groups.

Segmenting keywords is the key to organization and efficiency with pay per click advertising management.

In doing this, you’re creating a kind of filing system, wherein new keywords are automatically filtered into their appropriate places. If they don’t fit into an existing keyword group, you can make a decision to sort them or set them as negative keywords. This not only keeps you organized, it sets you up for easy integration with PPC advertising.

Grouping keywords in a hierarchy helps wtih pay per click advertising management.

Close-knit, highly specific ad groups help you write relevant ad text and landing pages and develop the most accurate bid for your ads, and you’ll enjoy a higher CTR and more qualified visitors as a result. This shows search engines that you’ve done your homework and you’re rewarded with better rankings, lower costs, and a higher Quality Score.

How Negative Keywords Impact PPC Campaign Management

Designating negative keywords is another important aspect of pay-per-click advertising management. These are the keywords that you don't want to bid on, because you know they don’t apply to you. Each keyword presents an opportunity for a visitor to come to your site, and you have to consider whether a particular keyword is truly bringing a qualified visitor who is interested in what you have to offer.

Negative keywords may be obvious, or they may be very subtle, so we don't recommend trying to develop a list of negative keywords on your own. So how do you know which words to avoid?

WordStream makes this easy by suggesting negative keywords with our negative keyword tool, which are based on how visitors are actually finding your website. If there are keywords in your list that you identify as irrelevant to your business, you can quickly and easily designate them as negative. WordStream will even learn from your decisions in order to offer ongoing suggestions of similar terms that you may also want to remove.

Establishing negative keywords keeps your pay per click advertising management on target.

As your keyword list grows into the thousands and hundreds of thousands, WordStream will help you keep your keyword groups clean and relevant, so you can effectively target your potential customers through PPC, and you can expect your PPC advertising management to be easier and more effective as well.

Keeping Your PPC Advertising Organized With Strategic Automation

While strategic PPC automation is beneficial in alleviating much of the manual labor involved in PPC advertising management, too much automation is never a good thing.

WordStream's PPC software gives you the perfect balance by functioning as a helper, automating laborious paid search marketing tasks but requiring intelligent operatives – you and your marketing team – behind its functionality. You are still in the driver’s seat, with only the level of automation that you’ve deemed appropriate for the situation.

Managing a PPC advertising campaign can be very overwhelming, and the processes involved are unlimited and iterative. Unfortunately, time and resources are not unlimited, so you need to prioritize and, if automation is called for, it’s important to make sure rules are set so that you’re enjoying efficiency without worrying that you’re not involved enough. WordStream presents you with mechanisms for making informed decisions with the data it collects for you, so you can always feel in control of your PPC advertising management.

WordStream Manages PPC Advertising Seamlessly

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