Pay Per Click Tool - Why You Must Fuse Data with Action to Ensure PPC Success

A good pay per click tool will show you your data, but it's up to you to decipher what to do with it. A great pay per click tool fuses data with action: having a management solution without Web analytics is as useless as the reverse. Stop analyzing spreadsheets and take the reigns of a ppc tool that can help you harness the power of hundreds of thousands of keywords, all while being able to:

If you can't organize and analyze your data easily, think of all of the time and money you will waste manually attempting to decipher keyword research, group keywords, and ad creation on a continuous basis. Let's take a look at the mutual benefits of campaign management and analysis and how to best make use of them through WordStream.

Pay Per Click Management Tools – Put Your Data to Work

It sounds ironic, but if you choose to manage your campaign by hand instead of using a PPC tool, you are forfeiting control of your data. As your keyword list begins to snowball, you have to ignore more and more valuable keywords in order to keep up with the list you are already managing.

Using a pay per click management tool eliminates this stress, and opens the door for you to discover:

  • Your largest set of pay-per-click keywords,
  • Your most qualified audience, and
  • Your most lucrative opportunities for text ad bidding.

With a pay per click management tool like WordStream, you have the ability to:

  • Research and discover actual keywords
  • Group keywords into organized hierarchies
  • Create ad groups from those keywords in a matter of minutes.

Research and discover keywords, organize and implement ad groups, all in a few clicks with WordStream.

Pay Per Click Analytics Tools – Why a Strategy is Essential

Now that you have your data successfully managed, you need to be able to make educated decisions about what to do with it. This is where a PPC analytics tool comes in. You aren’t going to have time to comb through 100,000 keywords and their associated data to assess which ones are best to use in an ad campaign, and which ones to ignore.

With WordStream's PPC tools, your options are given to you clearly and quickly. WordStream turns analytics into actalytics – actionable analytics. Rather than providing you with a spreadsheet of calculations and leaving the rest up to you, WordStream offers you clear-cut suggestions and ways to make your data work for you, such as:

Each of these benefits is possible in just a few clicks with WordStream's pay per click tools, and you remain in control every step of the way.

The Ultimate Pay Per Click Tool

If you organize your data but don't know what to do next, it will hurt you. If you know how to analyze your data but can't get it organized, you'll fail there too. WordStream's Actalytic PPC tools will alleviate the burden of hacking away at mountains of data, providing you with the information you need to know and the tool-set you need to leverage that data successfully and turn it into successful pay per click ads.

Take the next steps in successful campaign management and analysis today. To start leveraging these features, and to start experiencing the benefits and results, you can: