Interested in Perry Marshall? You Might Like WordStream...

Perry Marshall is an AdWords guru who offers a range of services for prospective PPC marketers, including various guides, seminars and PPC consulting services. Perry is widely acknowledged as a PPC thought leader.

The WordStream keyword management solution is similarly designed to help you carry out industry-accepted best practices, with tools to:
  • Dynamically analyze and manage keywords and queries in real time based on traffic and conversions.
  • Group keywords strategically with a speed and effectiveness you couldn't otherwise hope to achieve.
  • Maintain large-scale paid search accounts with powerful keyword organization and negative keyword discovery tools.
  • Get the most out of your efforts with workflow tools that will tell you everything from which Ad Group needs attention to which piece of organic content is likely to earn you the most money.
  • Improve productivity, relevance, and value by increasing your Quality Scores, saving time spent on manual tasks, discovering valuable keywords, and streamlining your PPC and SEO efforts.

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