PPC Reporting Tool: WordStream's Success Report

Online advertising reporting and analysis is a major time sink for many businesses. Reporting can be a messy business – you may initially log into AdWords or Facebook with a specific intention, but you can quickly get lost in the maze of metrics and end up stuck in quick sand, wasting your valuable time and resources.

WordStream’s Success Report was created to address businesses’ need for a fast, easy, and streamlined way of reporting on online advertising progress.

This new & improved PPC reporting tool creates intuitive visualizations of online asvertising results, letting users:

  • Focus on the most important metrics for success
  • Save time on reporting and analysis
  • Take action on your account to get better results

While other reporting tools offer bland and confusing reports packed with secondary metrics, the Success Report features attractive, easy to understand reports that can be shared with clients or managers.

WordStream users can create Success Reports with the click of a button. Simply log into WordStream Advisor, navigate to the Reports tab and click the “Create a New Report” button in the top right of the screen.

The Success Report offers a comprehensive report divided into multiple sections:

  • The Performance Funnel: Shows your overall spend, impressions, CTR, clicks, conversation rate, total conversions, conversion rate, and cost per acquisition across all your online advertising platforms. For agencies – this is available for each of your clients accounts.
  • Account Health & Trends:  Offers graphical view of trends within your chosen date range which highlight: 
      • Search - impression-weighted Quality Score, click-through rate, average CPC, total cost, and CPA
      • Social – Reach, impressions, clicks, conversions, spend, and CPA
  • Top Performers: Features a word cloud of top keyword performers for paid search and top performing ad stats for paid social (Facebook!).
  • & More!

The Success Report delivers valuable reports designed to provide online advertisers with the most important metrics that influence their business, while cutting out the process of searching across multiple platforms and vast hoards of excess data.

Let’s take a step-by-step look at the Success Report...

Overall Performance Funnel: Assessing the Big Picture ROI

The first section in the Success Report is the cross-platform Performance Funnel.

performance funnel ppc reporting tool

The Performance Funnel section is a visual representation of key stats across your account among all the online advertising platforms you utilize, including:

  • Overall Spend
  • Total Impressions
  • Total Clicks
  • Click-through-rate (CTR)
  • Total Conversions
  • Conversation Rate
  • Cost-per-action (CPA)

The performance funnel illustrates how your online advertising costs are translating into clicks, conversions, and, ultimately, your bottom line. You can also see the percent change from the previous month and get some quick analysis on your numbers, so the report is ready-made to deliver to your manager or client. This funnel is available either as an overall view of all your advertising networks, or broken down per platform for a more granular look at which platform is providing the most value.

Account Health and Trends: Tracking the Most Important Metrics

account health ppc reporting tool

The Account Health & Trends section shows your impression-weighted Quality Score plotted on a recommended curve, so you know where to aim for better results. With trends on your CTR, average CPC, total cost, and CPA tracked over time, you can stay on top of these key performance indicators. You won’t get overloaded looking up information from various platforms – the Success Report helps you focus on the metrics that matter most to your business and your account’s or client’s success.

Top Performers: What's Working for You

Knowing your top performing ads can help enhance what you have and help you adjust other campaigns. The Top Performers section of the Success Report is available for search and social so you can instantly see which keywords or audience types are driving the most conversions and have the lowest CPA.

adwords ppc reporting tool
facebook ppc reporting tool

The Best PPC Reporting Tool

WordStream’s new & improved Success Report gives you faster, easier, more attractive reports, making online advertising management and analysis easier and more effective for advertisers and agencies of all sizes. The benefits are clear:

  • Generate beautiful reports with one click — WordStream aggregates all of your account data, across all your digital advertising platforms, and constructs a visually stimulating, infographic-style report that is appealing and easy to read. No more boring reports filled with Excel charts and tables!
  • Gain fast insight into your account performance — The software reviews the most important aspects of your account and presents that data in an intuitive format so that you can easily understand how your PPC account is performing, and easily communicate that performance to other stakeholders.
  • Quickly identify areas of success and failure — You’ll instantly see where you are succeeding or failing in your account and get actionable advice to ensure future success.

See for yourself how WordStream’s new & improved Success Report can benefit you! Sign up for a free trial.