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The Golden Rules of Paid Search

Surprised by a Microsoft survey that 59% of small businesses with a website don't have a current paid search campaign, Richard Fergie outlines search marketing basics. Some of our favorite points include:

  • Traffic vs. ROI: Increased traffic doesn't automatically translate into increased sales. Instead, judge campaign success by conversion rates and return on investment (ROI).
  • Use Analytic Tools: Fergie uses a clever comparison, "not using [analytic tools] is like not reading the instructions that come with your new high-tech gadget. You can probably still make it work, but you won't know how to get it to do all the cool stuff you bought it for in the first place."

We wish he talked a little more about the importance of keyword discovery and the long tail of search.  Including rarely used keywords that pertain to your business in your search campaign is one of the best ways to improve Quality Score and conversion rates. Sign up for a Free Trial of WordStream and see for yourself!

Bid Management Automation: Fraught With Questionable Assumptions

Andrew Goodman's article starts the discussion regarding bid management tools. Due to the fluxuating range of keyword bids, can bid management tools accurately optimize bid amounts? For large campaigns, do they overcomplicate things? Goodman challenges 4 common assumptions of these tools, and you may not know any of them. 

Bid Management May Not Be A Commodity - But it's Not A Differentiator

Sometimes, the best blog posts are written after being motivated by a comment from a previous post. Check out Aaron Goldman's post on bid management tools and SEM agencies.

Ways to Drive More Traffic to your Website By Using AdWords

This is a helpful list of do's and don'ts for search engine marketing. It acts as a good starting point for beginners as well as a good refresher for seasoned veterans.

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