PPC Workflow - Learn to Better Manage Your Paid Search Workflow

Search engine marketing encompasses such a myriad of factors that there is literally no end to the workload associated with improving and growing PPC and organic search campaigns (SEO).  As such, it is pivotal to be able to identify the work that is the most pressing and offers the greatest reward for your time expenditure.

What we'll outline here is a means for prioritizing your paid and organic search efforts, and ensuring that you get the absolute most out of your PPC search efforts.

Using WordStream's PPC Workflow Tools

WordStream's PPC software amasses and helps to maintain an ever-growing, exclusive sea of keywords. The keywords are exclusive because they're mined from your own log files and traffic data; your competitors can't just look this information up with a keyword research tool. Thanks to WordStream's keyword suggestion and Web analytics tools you now have more than enough data to build out very substantive pay-per-click campaigns. So what do you do with all this invaluable data?

A key value of WordStream's suite of SEM tools is that it is a workflow engine that can tell you exactly where to spend your time. It makes these suggestions based on which existing Keyword Groups both drive traffic and offer keyword group segmentation opportunities. This functionality is illustrated in the image below:

PPC management is made easier with PPC workflow and segmentation tools that allow you to segment keywords and keyword groups by key performance metrics, as pictured here.

These suggestions are instantly actionable: in a single click you're taken directly to the WordStream keyword segmentation dialog.

Pay-Per-Click Workflow Management Applied to Keyword Groups

For example, as your Keyword Groups grow over time, it becomes important to split larger (more general) Keyword Groups into smaller more specific ones, since this will likely result in raising Quality Score.  WordStream can easily find your largest Keyword Groups based on either the number of keywords or overall traffic frequency, thus ensuring that you are always focusing on the biggest opportunities.

Here we see that just by highlighting a Keyword Group, you can view the number of visits and traffic sent by that group:

Pay-Per-Click management is markedly easier with WordStream's keyword visualization tools, as pictured here.

These built-in analytic features ensure that you're always able to focus on the most important Keyword Groups. And while WordStream is behind the scenes, tirelessly unearthing and grouping your keywords, you're always free to focus your time and energy at the highest levels of your campaigns.

Learn more about Prioritizing ppc Workflow

The above is an excerpt from the "Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing Best Practices" whitepaper. To learn more about managing PPC campaigns and prioritizing workflow, download the free whitepaper in its entirety today!