AdWords Grader Plus Offers Free AdWords Analysis, Now with Powerful New Features

WordStream’s free AdWords account auditing tool adds new and improved benchmarks and functionality for advertisers, agencies, and small businesses.

BOSTON, MA – Jan. 7, 2014 – WordStream Inc., a provider of search engine marketing software and services, today announced a new version of its AdWords Performance Grader, an award-winning free tool that gives users an instant report on their Google AdWords PPC account, including performance ratings in nine key areas, a best practices check, and actionable tips for improvement.

The revamped AdWords Grader Plus comes on the heels of a significant milestone: WordStream has now analyzed accounts representing over $3 billion in total advertising spend, and this wealth of account data has been fed back into the tool to offer even more valuable analysis to businesses using Google AdWords to market their offerings.

Why Use AdWords Grader Plus to Analyze Your Account?

Hundreds of businesses around the world use the WordStream AdWords Grader every month to benchmark and analyze their AdWords campaign performance. Knowledge is power, and proactive account managers who use this tool go on to improve key performance indicators such as click-through rate and Quality Score.

WordStream original research reveals that small businesses get poor return on investment from PPC spending due to a handful of common errors:

  • Inconsistency: Only 1% of small business advertisers log in and do work in their AdWords accounts every week.
  • Wasteful Spending: 1 in 5 small businesses (20%) aren’t using any negative keywords at all – an important cost-saving measure that reduces money spent on irrelevant, non-converting clicks.
  • Improper Account Setup: More than half of small businesses aren’t tracking conversions, so they don’t know how their PPC keywords and campaigns translate into sales.

The AdWords Performance Grader is a fast, free way to identify problem areas in your AdWords account, including these common errors, as well as to get actionable tips for improving performance and reducing costs.

What’s New with AdWords Grader Plus

AdWords Grader Plus boasts three new features and improvements, all still 100% free with your instant report:

  • Performance Tracker: This feature automatically tracks and analyzes your account every 30 days, allowing advertisers to easily see how overall performance and key metrics are trending over time. With Performance Tracker, advertisers can easily monitor and act on changes in metrics like Quality Score – something Google just doesn’t offer.
  • Mobile PPC Readiness Score – The Grader now includes a “Readiness Score” to assess advertisers’ preparedness and optimization for mobile PPC, including an evaluation of the account’s adherence to mobile PPC best practices.
  • New & Improved Benchmarks – WordStream has revisited its competitive benchmarks for PPC, so the featured KPI’s (including Quality Score, click-through rate, account activity, and wasted spend) are more current and accurate than ever.

These new features make the AdWords Performance Grader even more valuable as a source of free PPC knowledge and competitive intelligence for busy advertisers, especially small and medium-sized businesses working with small budgets.

“Now that we’ve graded over $3 billion in total AdWords spend, we have even more insight into the metrics and characteristics that define a healthy PPC account,” said Larry Kim, WordStream’s Founder and Chief Technology Officer. “Our new benchmarks reflect that wealth of data, and the new features address the need for businesses to allocate spend to the growing mobile channel as well as to monitor their account performance over time.”

AdWords Grader Plus is free and open to all businesses with an active Google AdWords account. Read reviews of WordStream's new tool at Search Engine Land and Clix. Go to http://www.wordstream.com/google-adwords to get your free report.

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