WordStream Launches Free AdWords Landing Page Grader

Free landing page tool empowers businesses to identify missed opportunities and make improvements to PPC landing pages

Boston, MA – March 3, 2014 – WordStream Inc., a provider of search engine marketing software and services, today announced the launch of its latest free software tool, the AdWords Landing Page Grader.

Landing pages are a crucial aspect of any successful PPC campaign, but many organizations are failing to capitalize on their paid search advertising spend. Poorly optimized landing pages can cost businesses money, but now, thanks to the WordStream AdWords Landing Page Grader, companies can quickly and easily identify missed opportunities on their landing pages and learn how to improve their pages’ performance.

Expert Analysis

The WordStream Free AdWords Landing Page Grader is the fastest and easiest way to analyze, benchmark and troubleshoot AdWords landing pages. This free software tool provides users with an expert-quality audit of their landing pages’ performance without the time and expense associated with hiring a PPC consultant.

After analyzing targeted landing pages, the AdWords Landing Page Grader offers users a detailed diagnostic overview of how their landing pages are performing, including metrics such as conversion rate, keyword relevance and mobile optimization, presented through an intuitive visual dashboard. This data is framed within the context of standardized industry benchmarks, enabling users to quickly identify how their PPC campaigns are performing compared to their competition.

Powerful Features

In addition to providing detailed metrics about landing page performance, the AdWords Landing Page Grader focuses on PPC-specific best practices that are proven to increase AdWords conversion rate, Quality Score and ROI.

After performing an analysis of a landing page, the AdWords Landing Page Grader provides guidance on how to refine pages to maximize conversion tracking, as well as insight into whether web forms are optimized for conversions, and comparisons of keyword frequency versus AdWords spending. These tools allow users to quickly identify the relationship between search terms and their AdWords budget, in addition to landing page elements that do not adhere to industry standards.

All data submitted through the AdWords Landing Page Grader is completely secure, and users can log in quickly and easily via a secure one-time OAuth connection.

Unique Insight

The AdWords Landing Page Grader offers unique insights users cannot find elsewhere. There is no other software tool available that can analyze PPC landing pages, and WordStream’s solution does so effectively and completely free of charge. Landing pages are an essential component of the PPC puzzle, and poorly optimized pages can result in wasted advertising spend – yet Google offers virtually no guidance on how to improve the performance of poor landing pages, leaving many businesses in the dark about the effectiveness of their landing pages and how this relates to their PPC campaigns.

Developed by the same expert team behind WordStream’s AdWords Performance Grader, an award-winning tool that has analyzed more than $3 billion in total PPC spend, the AdWords Landing Page Grader is essential for businesses that want to improve the ROI of their AdWords strategies.

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About WordStream

WordStream Inc. is a provider of easy-to-use pay-per-click management software that allows for more effective paid search campaigns through the 20-Minute PPC Work Week, a customized workflow that greatly simplifies AdWords campaign management. The powerful WordStream Advisor platform includes the Landing Pages & Leads toolset, which enables users to create, edit and publish landing pages that adhere to PPC best practices and subsequently track their performance directly in AdWords – the only software tool of its kind to do so. WordStream also offers an award-winning free PPC tool, the AdWords Performance Grader, which evaluates users' PPC accounts and provides valuable tips for improvement.