WordStream Releases New Bing Ads Performance Grader

Free software tool enables Bing Ads advertisers to maximize the return on investment of their campaigns by identifying key areas of improvement.

Boston, MA – Dec. 18, 2014 – WordStream, Inc., a provider of search engine marketing software and services, today announced the launch of its latest software tool, the Bing Ads Performance Grader. This new tool brings the concept of WordStream’s award-winning AdWords Performance Grader to Microsoft Bing Ads, allowing Bing advertisers to quickly and easily evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their accounts and get actionable tips for improvement.

Powerful Diagnostic Data

“Bing Ads is a hugely underutilized advertising platform that can deliver real ROI for advertisers,” said Larry Kim, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of WordStream. “Our Bing Ads Performance Grader helps advertisers pinpoint areas of their Bing Ads accounts where big improvements can be made, reducing costs and driving better results.”

Leveraging WordStream’s wealth of PPC data, the Bing Ads Performance Grader examines the strength of your Bing account across 10 key metrics. In just a few moments, advertisers get invaluable insight into how they compare to other businesses in terms of metrics such as:

  • Click-through rate    
  • Wasted spend    
  • Negative keywords  
  • Landing page optimization    
  • Text ad optimization    
  • Bing best practices
  • and more

Untapped Potential

Microsoft’s extensive advertising network is one of the most promising advertising platforms for businesses across a range of verticals. According to John Gagnon, Bing Ads Evangelist at Microsoft:   

  • Bing claims 29% of the search market   
  • Between 70-80% of searches for terms in the travel and telecom verticals occur on Bing
  • 50% of searches for retail-related keywords – approximately 31 million monthly searches – are performed by users who do not use Google

However, the need for reliable business intelligence regarding Bing Ads advertising campaigns has never been higher, and many advertisers lack the data they need to make informed decisions about their advertising spend.

With this in mind, WordStream set out to apply its data-driven approach to paid search advertising management to Bing Ads, culminating in the launch of the Bing Ads Performance Grader. This fast, secure, and completely free software tool that allows Bing Ads advertisers to diagnose their Bing Ads accounts and take immediate action to improve their return on investment by applying paid search best practices to their accounts.

Try the Bing Ads Performance Grader now: http://www.wordstream.com/bing-ads

About WordStream

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