WordStream Adds New Call Tracking Features to WordStream Advisor Software

WordStream’s new Call Tracking feature is the only PPC management software that connects offline conversions directly back to the PPC keywords that are driving phone calls.

Boston, MA – Jun. 24, 2014 – WordStream Inc., a provider of search engine marketing software and services, today announced the launch of its latest product innovation. Call Tracking, a new feature of the WordStream Advisor software platform, enables paid search advertisers to track and measure which ads and keywords are driving call-in leads and sales.

According to a study by BIA/Kelsey, 65% of marketers say that phone calls are their most valuable leads, but tracking the origin of these calls is a constant challenge. Now, with WordStream’s Call Tracking, agencies and advertisers can eliminate the uncertainty of offline conversion tracking and see precisely how their PPC campaigns are driving phone traffic and generating high-quality leads.

These new call tracking features offer three key benefits for businesses who value phone calls:

  • Better measurement to determine the true ROI of paid search campaigns.
  • Ability to maximize campaign performance with more actionable data.
  • Improved call handling and advanced insight into the quality of call-in leads.

Improving the Value of Paid Search

WordStream’s Call Tracking, which is accessible from within the WordStream Advisor software platform, allows advertisers to effectively track conversions originating from phone calls driven by PPC ads. Advertisers can see exactly which keywords are resulting in phone calls.

Call Tracking allows advertisers to track calls back to the campaign, ad group, match type, ad copy and even individual keyword level. This offers valuable insight into which keywords are driving the high-quality leads businesses want, so advertisers can more effectively allocate budgets and manage bids.

“Call Tracking is one of the most exciting additions to WordStream Advisor we’ve ever worked on,” says Manish Barmecha, VP of Product at WordStream. “Now, for the very first time, AdWords advertisers will be able to track phone calls back to the specific keywords that drove them, analyze the effectiveness of their offline conversions over time, and refine their campaigns to maximize return on investment – all from within PPC Advisor.” 

Refining Winning Strategies

In addition to providing deep insight into the performance of specific keywords and how they drive call volume, the data provided by WordStream’s Call Tracking allows advertisers to improve follow-up conversations by analyzing keyword search data and requests made during previous calls. With more insight into their call data, businesses are able to craft and refine highly effective PPC campaigns that result in:

  • More conversions
  • Fewer wasted clicks
  • Higher ROI

WordStream’s Call Tracking features provide a wealth of real-time data that enables advertisers to make timely, informed adjustments to their campaigns to reflect user behavior. Call Tracking also stores recordings of all calls made through the system, allowing users to continually refine their call quality and training procedures to grow their business and retain satisfied customers.

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