WordStream Enhances Keyword Discovery, Research, Grouping & Organization Tools for Effective PPC and SEO

Integrated Keyword Management Solutions Make it Easy for Search Marketers to Continuously Expand, Organize and Act on Keyword Opportunities That Improve Quality Score and Natural Search Results

BOSTON – March 18, 2009 – WordStream, Inc., a provider of keyword management solutions for continuously optimizing & expanding PPC and SEO efforts involving large numbers of keywords, has enhanced its keyword discovery, research, grouping and organization capabilities within its search marketing productivity tools.

While ongoing keyword discovery, keyword research, keyword grouping and keyword organization is a critical part of optimizing search marketing campaigns, many marketers today spend countless hours manually updating spreadsheets to organize keywords and upload them into Google Adwords. WordStream's keyword tools seamlessly provide a continuous stream of highly relevant keywords that can be automatically organized and acted on according to a search marketer’s specific goals, making this important task more intuitive and effective.

"WordStream very efficiently automates key aspects of continuous keyword expansion, grouping and organization - functions we’d previously been handling manually," said Ian Hughes, e-commerce marketing manager for WesternSchools.com. "With WordStream, we can expand upon and manage effective campaigns much more quickly on behalf of our clients."

WordStream is unlike any other keyword tool, Web analytics application or PPC tools on the market today. WordStream enables search marketers to create a private keyword database, aggregated from a variety of sources, such as:

  • Historical data contained in Web server log files
  • Analytics Tools Such as Omniture or Google Analytics
  • Third Party Keyword tools such as the Google Keyword Tool
  • Dynamically via a JavaScript tracker

WordStream does more than simply create a static list of keywords – it continually tracks and scores keywords according to user-defined conversion goals and other factors to help determine relevance. Relevancy and other keyword statistics can now be leveraged to suggest optimal keyword grouping and organization decisions. The result is that WordStream can enable any search marketer to quickly and easily transform huge lists of potentially millions of keywords into smaller, highly organized, relevant and actionable keyword groupings, in just minutes.

Integration with Google AdWords means that search marketers can instantly transform the most relevant keyword groupings into Quality Score friendly ad campaigns with relevant ad text using integrated text ad authoring tools with just a few clicks. Using WordStream, organizations can leverage their unique and exclusive keyword taxonomy to better optimize and expand PPC marketing and SEO efforts, and ultimately outrank competing companies.

"SEM professionals must manage and interpret volumes of valuable data to build and optimize paid and natural search campaigns," said Larry Kim, WordStream’s founder and VP of Products and Marketing.  "It's time-consuming work, and often masks a marketer's true value.  WordStream simplifies best practices related to continuous keyword discovery, segmentation and ad campaign creation, freeing marketers to focus on more creative, higher value tasks. If you’re tired of using Microsoft Excel for search marketing tasks that it clearly wasn’t designed for, give WordStream a try!"

[View an online video demonstration of WordStream's keyword grouping and keyword organization tools.]

About WordStream

WordStream is Keyword Management solution for continuously optimizing & expanding PPC and SEO efforts involving large numbers of keywords. WordStream provides a scalable, private, online keyword workbench for:

WordStream believes that an organization's keyword taxonomy is a valuable, proprietary asset, and that organizing, prioritizing, coordinating and executing of PPC and SEO efforts around a comprehensive, researched and up-to-date keyword taxonomy is the key to PPC and SEO success. Keyword Management improves search marketing productivity and enables greater relevance, which enhances the value of paid and natural search marketing efforts.