WordStream’s New Google My Business Grader Helps Boost Search Visibility

BOSTON, June 16, 2020 – WordStream Inc., a leading provider of online marketing software and services, announces the launch of the Google My Business Grader, a free tool that helps businesses improve their visibility online and get more customers by auditing their Google My Business accounts. 

The Google My Business platform is designed to make the local business community accessible online, turning listings into a powerful marketing tool for local businesses of all kinds, from brick-and-mortar establishments like restaurants and dentists, to service providers like roofers and electricians.

In under a minute, the Google My Business Grader provides an overall score as well as a detailed assessment in four key areas that impact the rank of your business listing, formally a Business Profile: Presence, Reputation, Communication, and Outreach. The report points out not only what’s missing in each of the four key areas, but also exactly what you need to do to improve your score and, more importantly, the impact of your Business Profile. 

“Most business owners create a Business Profile hoping to gain more visibility on Google, but it can be hard to make use of all of its features to get the best results,” WordStream’s Senior Vice President of Product Kristen Yerardi explains. “The good news is that implementing these features is easy; it’s identifying the right features that’s hard. The Google My Business Grader takes care of this, making it an educational tool just as much as it is an auditing tool.”

With WordStream’s Google My Business Grader, you can identify these relatively unknown but highly effective optimizations and improve not only your Business Profile but also your marketing efforts. An optimized Business Profile can help your business get:

  • Better search engine visibility. An optimized Business Profile helps businesses to rank higher in local search, appear in more searches, and stand out above competitors.
  • Increased engagement. Customers can do more than get contact information in a Business Profile if it is optimized: They can book an appointment, request a quote, ask questions, get pricing, see upcoming events, learn about promotions, and more.
  • More customers. With increased visibility to the right audience and quality engagement, optimized Business Profiles help visitors to more quickly and confidently become customers.  

To try out the Google My Business Grader today, visit wordstream.com/google-my-business.

About WordStream

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